Life on barefoot

There are many transitions in our lives. We live many versions of ourselves in one life. And in each one of them we grow, we expand our horizons, we come one step closer to our truth. Or, I hope we all do.

I am at a transition in my life. Everything about me is changing, my understanding of life is evolving… one may say, I might be finding myself. What I am really made of? What excites me in life? What creates passion in me to be creative? I am in a time that I really want to produce, put an input into life. If I dare, change may be the perception of life in people’s minds. Make it a little free, a little real, a little sustainable.

Let me give you a secret; life can be fun. You can actually choose to find joy in whatever you create. Be someone whom you might even get inspired by.

And once you find yourself… I guess its time to kick your shoes off “be” that, without exception, just be purely you. Nowadays I spend my days barefoot. We are creating a lifestyle, I am being a part of a life works club, where you can be just you and do what you really want to do. Be content with what you already are and in the meantime be connected to those people who resonates with you. Whom you would like to learn from; eat, work and grow with each other.

Thats what we are building now… A community of like minded people, our people…And you know what? I always dreamed of that life where I can be me, truly! Be so happy with that.
And hence today… I am living a life on barefoot. Life is magical I might say, truly mystical even. 

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