One day

One day… Your whole perception of your future, your dreams change in one day!

A while a go, very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and have been having a hard time dealing with the reality that him, such a strong and solid being in life, might have to deal with the consequences of this sickness in his future life. And all I could tell him was that; today is all we have, we dont know what tomorrow holds… We might leave this world before all that he fears becomes a reality in his life… And today… My words are proving to be right.

Yesterday I had dreams, big and amazing dreams that I wanted to accomplish in this world. Yesterday, I was looking forward to the months to come to create the impact I wanted to create in my country, to build my dreams. And today,I dont know what tomorrow holds… Today I have worries about my country, about my daughters future in this country… Today, my dreams seems a step further away from me…

But they still remain as my reality, I still believe in the future I want to create. I still believe in the good in people. I still feel I can touch my dreams. 

Last year as I was watching the refugees coming to my country or trying to flee to Europe, all I could pray for was that someday if I I leave my country let it not be because I have to but because I choose to…

And today… I hope my prayers were heard! I hope human race will wake up and see how magnificent life is. We are all one​; no religion, no race, no country can define our humanity. We are humans and we have the power to change, to create the future we want to live in! And I still believe… 

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