Bonjuk bay

Sometimes unexpectedly, just when your soul needs it, you find yourself in heaven.

Today… I am in heaven….

I believe in visions. And when you hear your vision, respect it and have the belief in your soul to manifest it, then you create magic in this world.

One of my dearest friends, against all odds, believed in that calling and he created this magnificent dreamland that I have been yearning for. Yes, you may call this place “glamping”, a new concept of hospitality that has been taking over the world.

If you are one of those people who has been looking for a home that resonates with your soul surrounded by like minded people that you might call your community, I believe today, I am there, I am in heaven.

There is sunlight and a little breeze washing over my skin. I hear crickets and smell the nature. I can taste the raw taste of the nature, the orange in my vodka is freshly squeezed out of a tree here… Everywhere I look, I see not only a part of me in it, but also a part of you in it… That down to earth, sustainable life style that I have been yearning for is surrounding me. There is a deep thought and intention behind everything here. The intention to create heaven on earth… Yes, I believe we create heaven on this earth. But sometimes we need good storytellers that can evoke hope and belief in our souls. And here I am, with one of the most magnificent storytellers. Don’t get me wrong. He is a reserved being, doesn’t prefer many words to communicate, but he chooses this vision to communicate his soul with the world.

If you are reading these lines and somehow can feel the gaps in between my words, feel the frequency in my soul… Then I believe, this is your home also.

Soon, very soon, we will be conducting some amazing workshops here… And if you are interested, wherever you are in this world, please let me know… We would love to have you among us.

Let us create magic in this world… This lifeline is worth much more that just existing… Lets live! 

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