I think one of the most challenging things in our lives is to get out of our patterns, old systems we have been so much accustomed to. In those situations, and I am sure we all face those moments in time wether we like it or not, the only tool I can use is to focus on that initial feeling, that voice within me.

The brain can find many reasons to why you should commit to that old system, it can play endless games to keep you in that accustomed circumstances. Fear is the most essential tool it uses trying to pull you back, question the decisions you have made. Fear of being alone, fear of facing the upcoming challenges in your life, fear of making a mistake. And the heart… Oh that heart which has so many dreams, can still try to convince you to a different reality that your soul is searching for. They both can be misleading actually.

For me… I have been lucky enough to work on my self, to see my self… And once you are in touch with your being, then there is no more contradiction left. You become more solid when faced with such challenges. That voice which raises in your soul becomes your reality. I trust that voice within me which is calm and constant. Make sure the decisions you make are only for your wellbeing and then.. trust the system. This universe has an amazing system, providing us opportunities to see those pictures we deny to see, fight with ourselves not to see. But life provides endless opportunities to get out of those patterns, habits which we are not actively ourselves anymore. And if we are fearless enough to trust the system then I believe, may be, we can create heaven on earth.

So, yes, that voice within me I trust, I trust that is my reality… And in spite of all the games my mind tries to play, I am committed to myself and nothing else more. I choose to live a life that I get to experience my true self, manifest my dreams and create magic in this world. 

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