Ending to my book

I have an ultimate dream…. An ending to my book, my life. My life is my book. I always wished to lead a life that is worth writing about or write a book worth living. And when I think about it, I think I have an amazing life worth writing about. And if Ferzan Ozpetek could direct a movie out of that, if I could live a life inspiring enough for him to make a movie out of… oh well, that is a life worth living for. Then I serve my ultimate purpose to come into this life… to live in true sense… unattached and awake and free.

The end scene of this movie is set in a garden. I am sitting on a long table, under the trees, surrounded by my community… my 150 people. (Yes, 150 people… I will get into that in detail in another blog). Those people are my people. The people that are vibrating at the same frequency with me. And I am at that long table surrounded by sincere and loving eyes… there is no pretence but pure goodness and sincerity. There is lightness and contentment in our hearts. Lit by candlelight in a beautiful garden, where the smell of the nature lingers in your mouth as you take a sip from your wine. You perceive beauty only. Love is tangible and you can literally touch it.

This is my ultimate picture. But lately there is magic in my life. And there are many occasions in my life that I look around me and realize that we are creating that community. All the good people coming together around us and we are embarking on a journey to create better life, a bigger reality. Then I realized that we are building that table every day in one way or another. Almost every day, at one point in time, I find myself saying ‘’this is as good as it gets.’’ There is pure gratefulness and respect to life. And then, amazingly enough, the next day, something else happens that even tops the experience before. If we open our eyes, we might realize that we are manifesting our own reality… and then start shaping our lives.

Yes… I will write that book sometime soon. This life is worth sharing for. And if I can touch, inspire one being with my journey, awaken hope in them into the system… then that is a life worth living. Utterly living fearlessly.

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