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For me, to be able to write usually are in those moments that I can’t prevent and there is nothing that I could do but write… It is swinging moods, ups and downs, questions and the search for those anwers in my heart. .. And … thats life and it offers those times whether you like it or not.

But then, there are moments… breaths in life, from life … that serenity surrounds you. There is nothing but peace and space within you, lightness takes you over and the words start flowing from you… Without thought they just find life, and those times… I am ultimetly grateful.

Knowing that you posses love is something but making it tangible so people can touch and feel is priceless….grateful that i am me!

2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Ayse Enhos Dirik

    I often think to myself, which of the persons in me is the “real me”, which of them I like the most, I associate the most with, which reflects me the most…Is it the full time corporate lawyer who likes refined tastes and nice surroundings? is it the hippisoul who often dreams of having lived in the 60’s in flared jeans and long blond hair living in a van? is it the tender-hearted mother whose only wish is to have left no children without a family and a warm house…And so goes on. It took me long enough to understand that I do not HAVE to choose a single one of it. I can be all of these persons at the same time and that is fine…Dear believerinlife, I do believe in life and I believe life is a miracle only if you create it.. I find a bit of myself in every expression of yours and thank you for that. If I can contribute to any of your work in any respect, here I am. Best,


    • hello Ayşe… I just saw your comment and wanted to thank you… for simply being you, hearing me, believing in a world that I truly desire to be manifested:) hope this journey called life will bring our paths together physically some day also:) much love and light to you!


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