The State of Woman

May be if you just say “yes” to life and what it brings to you, you may find yourself in collaboration with magical institutions and uplifting messages.

I have grown up in a system in which as a woman voicing one’s truth has been somewhat suppressed… the things that I wanted to say sounded somewhat esoteric, spiritual and a little out of this world. It never was solid, logic mind perception of life… there always has been a yearning and a belief for an elevated perception of being human.

And 4 years a go, my life has shifted with a thyroid cancer and all the decisions I have made or the boxes I have placed myself in suddenly disappeared. The truth of death made me realize that there is no box. And since then, all the words that I speak originate from my heart, all the collaborations that I am a part of gets the confirmation of my intuition… and I am not scared anymore to take the stage and display my truth. My mission is to bring tools to people to perceive life without boundaries and create realities while chasing utopia (for the lack of a better word).

During COVID-19 times we have started to manifest the steps that we have been postponing… suddenly the concept of time and priorities has shifted and we have started to deepen our community, Love Mafia and its message. One of those steps taken was to start our Love Mafia Lounge podcasts and give voice to the feminine energy that resides within all of us.

And today, our podcast is a part of State of Woman platform.

The State of Women is a media platform with global reach that gives women the tools to succeed as empowered entrepreneurs and intrepid investors. They advance economic empowerment for women by championing stories of role models, thought leaders and change makers. Their diverse, global community of entrepreneurs, investors and engaged millennials are making an impact on the state of women everywhere.

Today, The State of Women, in partnership with Women Investing in Women Digital, has over 30 premier content and media partnerships, extending its reach to over 100 million people, and recently exceeded 1 (m)illion followers on Facebook.

And I am honored to be a part of these inspiring communities, building our story with Love Mafia members all around the world.

Thank you life for being so generous and thank you my lovely soul for intending to create yourself above boundaries, exploring your truth.

For our podcast please visit;

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