I am calling out to you from the middle of this magnificent universe

I am calling out to you from the middle of this magnificent universe. Anatolia; the heart of our human civilization on this planet called earth. It’s the land where humans have decided to settle down and live as communities. This fertile land has hosted many civilizations and witnessed human evolution. This is the land of the Gods, of Kings and Queens, of East and West, of life. 

These lands that hosted humanity’s history is on fire right now. 38 provinces of this precious land is burning in 163 locations

Today is not the day to think about who caused it. Is it God? Is it the nature yearning for our recognition, attention, and love? Is it the negligence of our governments? Is it terrorism? Today is no further the day to ask the question of “Who?”. Because, honestly, we don’t know anything. I am at a point that, if someone comes with a match in their hand and says they have lit the fire, I wouldn’t believe them. 

I am at the verge of no belief and pure belief. I don’t believe in politicians, countries, religions, or even information. I believe that everything and everyone perceives life from their perception and their human algorithm. Everything is biased and we are all very far away from knowing the TRUTH. I trust no information but that of the creation. 

And that makes me a believer. I believe that creation is magical and mystical. I believe there are no mistakes in the universe, and everything has its place. I believe we are ever-evolving beings and right now we are the at the critical pint of our awakening. I believe in the comprehensive God particle within each one of us. I believe in love. 

So, why, and how we are here today is not relevant anymore. What is done is done. Our negligence, obedience, acceptance is history today. We may have to gaze back to this history once again soon enough to redefine the terms and create a new existence; hopefully with a higher, oneness consciousness. But today is the day that we unite not divide, it’s the day to take over individual responsibility to contribute and regenerate. It’s the day to celebrate our ONE humanity and nurture our common planet. 

This is our home. There is no other. And if there was, honestly, I would have chosen to live on this one. We live and breathe in heaven.

This planet and the way we choose to live on this planet proves us that heaven and earth are here, on this planet, today. If we nurture hate, greed, hunger, and separation … then life presents us that version of itself. And believe me, in this version, life is hell. Or we can perceive life as growth, of expansion, of regeneration and love. Then life, although in the middle of hell, becomes magical. 

Today, within a burning country, through my human algorithm, I am witnessing unitedness, affection, compassion, collaboration, mobilization, and persistence. I see heaven and hell fighting to win a battle. This is the battle of our humanity awakening. 

Today, I kindly ask you to land a hand. To own your citizenship of this World not only in your words but also in your actions, to help fellow earthlings save this planet we all call home. 

Today is the day to unite. To help. To build. Please support İhtiyaç Haritası and #onesupportonenest campaign for us to create funds to regenerate our villages, farms, and our nature. We can only do this TOGETHER

Thank you.  

✨ Let’s unite for those who have lost their homes, jobs, schools and livelihoods as a result of the ongoing fires all around Turkey. With “One Support One Nest” campaign we will restore the living conditions and provide livelihoods for those who are in need.

✨It’s up to us to regerate life!

🔗 www.birdestekbiryuva.com

#birdestekbiryuva #ihtiyaçharitası

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