Its wierd times these days, I am growing everyday and its the first time in my life that change is happening rapidly. In only 3 months I have realized many hidden aspects of my existence, somehow I have expended, my vision expended.

When we face a challenge, we can choose to get through it, literally as if passing through a tunnel. The good thing about tunnels is that, there is a beginning and an ending. There will sunshine again, you will be out of the tunnel eventually. Bearing this in mind, when you are in that tunnel, try to become an observer and watch and evaluate all those humanly feelings. If you can, do not associate yourself with those fluctuating emotions, just pass through them, observe, and reach the sunlinght at the end. BELIEVE that there is a sunshine in the end, let that be your compass in the dark. Believe in the change. Nothing is stagnant in life. And if you choose to be the observer rather then the victim, you become an active participant, learn and grow during that journey.

You are here to experience and become what you initially was. That is the whole purpose if this journey. 

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