San kalpa

Couple weeks ago, I have attended one of the most inspirational yoga workshops at Cihangir Yoga. Sienna Sherman’s presense was genuine and authentic in every way. During her session she gave elevated emphasis on san kalpa.

San kalpa is your calling, your reason of operating, why you feel the necessity to live, the pull in your soul towards your reason of being. It was an awakening, thought provoking workshop in every way.

During the workshop, when she asked us about what our san kalpa is, I was a caught a little off guard. i haven’t attended her class on the first day and was still a little disconnected from her teachings then the rest of the people. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in. And observed that there were only 3 words in me, beating with my heart; to touch, to inspire, to change. Then I realized, this was my san kalpa, why I was a yoga teacher, why I was writing, why I was living. Not only to teach those to the others but if possible, embody them… Simply walk the talk and be THAT, that I believe we all are. I owe this to myself. In my classes, in my blogs, in my words, in my life… if possible, I love to tickle people, tickle their souls, their hidden desires, their dreams… I believe if I am sincere and good and present enough, may be I can find that angle that would inspire them. May be they could realize that there is an other possibility in life, a different perspective. That there is a wider, much bigger, much happier angle in life.

And when you touch people this way, you get a chance to infuse under their skin. They literally can feel and accept you somehow. And when you are inside, then this is the time to drop a seed to reveal the “truth” in them.

The san kalpa is a seed for the truth to grow. Once planted, they just have to grow, that is their nature. And when they grow, the soul grows along with it. And in time your reality starts to shift, becoming more brighter and bigger. No matter if you are a believer or not, that one seed has the potential to make the biggest shift. I teach for the possibility of planting that seed… To touch, to inspire, to awaken! 

I believe that one seed planted in one soul will generate the biggest shift in the world. And that is the future… The future I believe in.  

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