Come and join us

I love watching outside from the car, observing the people passing by, the scenes shifting into magic sometimes. I think this, what we feel in that state of mind, takes us back to our childhood. The times when our brain is so young and unclogged with unnecessary opinions, beliefs, duties, responsibilities that life truly becomes a journey. With a fresh, loving, growing perception of life, living totally at the present moment.

Today, I gave myself a gift of which I think I have deserved highly. I am on my own, heading to enjoy the day on my own.

Just like when we were younger and all we thought was “hmmm, what do i want to do now? Who do i want to hang out with?” And nothing more… The day would pick up itself on its own and you would just flow with time, do not question anything. The times where you truly realized that you are one of the travelers and life is amazing. The times where our worries were much more lighter and we never realized that because it was our reality by then.

I am at that state of mind today, riding in the car, listening to old 80s songs. (Yes, cheesy love songs included, but let me tell you, they are all happy and uplifting:)) Today I am letting myself be that girl that I have so long ago forgotton. But today is much more different. Today, I am wiser, I am more aware of what I am made of, I have a bigger dream that is worth perceiving. Today I am more alive than that girl. And the best part of it is, I can easily tap into her energy and perceive life from that perspective, be her for a while. I know her and she is in me all time!

While I was watching the scenes change by from the car, I suddenly realized that I have become her! I am just like her but its only me now, I am listening to that tiny voice within me only, I am flowing with life.

Lift your heads from your iphones, computers. Clear your minds from your worries, your responsibilities. All will be there when you come back. Nobody is going anywhere. Life will be fine without you for a while. Ask yourself where you would rather be, who you would be spending your hours with right NOW. And give yourself that gift, go and do that. Be that person for a couple of hours. Re-member that being within you who is so free.

And since we are on this topic, come and join us in JointIdea Arnavutkoy on Thursday nights. We are having amazing meditation sessions, cleaning ourselves from all those clusters I have mentioned above, getting one step closer to the truth, adding more goodness to the universe. Come and join us if you like, we would be honored. The details are in the link…

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