As I was laying at the beach, a branch was washed up by the shore. And with each wave, it was carried back into the ocean and back again to the shore. Back and forth. And this same branch, every time when it was washed along the shore, it revealed a different perspective, a different angle of its presence for us to perceive. Calmly resting on the sand, patiently waiting for the next wave to carry it onto an other journey, to the unknown.

We all are on a journey of our own and from time to time, we face the turmoils of life… With each challenge we too are washed up against a shore, and what others perceive of us at that moment in time is from which angle we were left at the shore by that wave… Although we are intact and same as before, the current situations leaves us to be perceived in one dimension,and hence, guiding us to act in a particular way.

If and only if we can perceive the other not bounded with what we see, but how we feel about them, then may be we can accept and love them as they are. Then may be their current state of mind becomes insignificant. And may be, just may be, our acceptance and love can shift the way they perceive their current status, and realize what they actually are, not define themselves with that current state of mind but expand their horizon.

The reality is however, we are this amazing branch, shaped by the nature, the creation itself. If we could only be that branch and respect whatever that is, as is and leave ourselves to the ocean, respecting its magnificent energy, its truth… Then life may not be that hard, it actually may become a fulfilling journey in the end.  

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