I love eye gazing, looking into the eyes of an other. Really looking deep inside! This kind of eye gazing, we usually choose to do with the people we love, of which we are deeply connected with and love. Such love that we feel the pull towards each other. There is an ivisible string that ties those souls. That string is connected to our bodies through our eyes. Yeah, I know, over the years we start to take the other for granted and choose not to look so closely with so much wonder. In the end, sometimes, the string that ties these souls brakes down. This may result out of neglect or out of comfort. But, may be sometimes, we can choose to look into the eyes of the other with such sincerity that we might preserve that tie… I believe it is possible! I believe, those are the relationships that do not need time or space to be labeled as love. This is pure love and you are connecting to the source itself. Because you each embody that source within your cores. Patiently waiting to be explored. And hence, it is essential to connect with yourself, really dive in to self to find out what that source is, touch it, feel it and finally embody it. That is the ultimate purpose of life… To remember that you are much more than you perceive, its big and your are beyond amazing. And when you fall in love, you fall in love with that higher being. That is the true binding energy there. 

And today, I have suddenly found myself looking into the mirror and really looking into my eyes for the first time. Generally, we gaze at our image on the mirror. Just look at the parts of our facial expression but not really stare into our own eyes. 

And today, I did! To my wonder, I found it amazing, interestingly beautiful, so deep that it made me wonder. Wow! Is it me looking back at me, is this really what I am made up of? There is something in there that is still me, but there is something much more than that. There is an other being much bigger than I believed that I am… Something broader, something that knows, something wise, something pure… If this is in me, then it should be a part of me. And if it is a part of me, then I must be made up of that amazing thing staring back at me. Wow! 

Could I be more than what I percieve as me? Is this the real potential in me, residing within me? But, then why am I not living that already? What is holding me back from living this reality? Its me! My limited perception of the self. 

How little we know about our selves actually. We usually choose to place our attention on the others, unaware of what an amazing reality we embody inside. There are so many, who comes into this world and leaves it without this notion of how miraculous, how amazing, how perfect they are. And if you are lucky, you wake up into this reality someday. Life confirms its truth from all angles and you just accept it in the end. That what actually you are… 
What an amazing awareness this experience brought to me tonight. Somehow a confirmation of what I already knew! And that felt like home. 

Life is a journey back home, designed to lead our way back to where we belong, to this realization of what we actually are. 
And, meanwhile I was lost within these thoughts, emotions, a movie came into my mind. “IOrigins”! Please if you have time, watch it tonight and dive into an alternative reality, a possibility of which I believe in. And lets wake up together. This is why I am writing these blogs at the end, to be able to touch, to shift the awareness if possible. This is the purpose of my life… If I can touch one soul that day, my life serves its meaning. 

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