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The other day we were debating…

I don’t know if you are one of those lucky ones who are awakening, but lately, there has been an energy shift in the universe. Somehow the frequency of the creation has shifted and there has been many whose awareness has widened, became bigger, more comprehensive. Although we live in this world, our reality, our perception of reality has shifted. And within this reality, everything is more brighter, more vivid, more clear. We have started to see the beauty in everything, perceiving the system way broader than we used to understand.

These days, I don’t even have to escape or go anywhere to breathe… My life in this town is so colorful, so rich, so lively, so much more feeding than it has ever been. I am more awake I presume. I see beauty all the time, in all the things I do, places I see, food I eat, music I listen to, people I meet., conversations I have. Even I see more beauty and creativity in me. I feel love all the time.

I presume that is the whole purpose of this creation, of this reality we live in; to feel love, to be in love. To see the beauty in everything we encounter whatever that may be.

And if you have reached to the slightest level of this consciousness, this perception… You know what I am talking about.

Now then, possibly you know that phenomenon about reality; it changes! It changes according to how we perceive life, live life, express ourselves in life…. 

Then, for a single moment, imagine this. Before you came into this new understanding, you had no idea that even this was possible. You had no idea that life could be this creative, this light, this fun, this beautiful, this fullfilling…

Now… think again! Soon there will be an other opening, an other awakening and our reality will shift again, expand once agin, we will connect from a deeper frequency. My God! Can you even begin to imagine how amazing, how capturing that would be!

I think, that is an idea, a reality worth living for, worth facing the so called challenges in life, worth building and creating a future we want to live in, that we believe in… Because, man! Life is exceptionally amazing! 

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