We all have a picture in our souls… A frame of life that our soul resonates with, yearns for, believes in. When we clearly see that picture, we see the true potential of what our lives could be. The life that we want to live! 
Its so alive, so fullfilling and so true that we feel we can almost touch it, tangibly touch it. And if we have the guts, the strength… we might then choose to go for that dream… To make it our reality. The funny thing is that, it doesnt even matter if we can manifest it in our lives or not, its what life offers us on the way that builds up the journey.
But, if you ask me… I say, it is DOABLE! If we have the courage to change the stones in our life, shift our perception…. May be someday, we can even see ourselves within that picture, surrounded by those loving eyes having a feast on a long table under the trees, may be we can be surrounded by laugther and music and dance and celebration of life itself… May be, just may be…

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