Miracle… That is actually what life really is here to offer! However, we sometimes, voluntarily or involuntarily, choose to look the other way, blinded by our desires and our impression of what life should be. But oh life, it is miraculously consistent to challenge us, subtly elevating us until, hopefully, we are ready to take that leap of faith.

Once we realize that we are a miracle ourselves and let that inner being surface among all odds, dive deep into our beings and have the courage to face that “being” purely stripped from all those not so positive quotations of the self, and hence in return communicate from that spot that is untouched and pure in every essence… Then,miracles start to manifest in our lives with no effort at all.

There is no right time, there is no right action… there is just now and being genuinely true to our own existence.

If we hear it, truly hear it… and trust that song of good hope… A song that is raising from our core, whispering a possibility of an other reality… We merely have to have the trust to reach out our hand and have the courage to speak from that reality… And then? Then… we might find out that all those so called barriers holding us stagnant in life were just an illusion…

I am not going to say “think out of the box” but rather “be”out of the box”! There is a bigger picture, a bigger reality beyond those conventional norms and lifestyles we might have chosen to give in at one point in time, just to fit in, to be liked, to be accepted.

Do not fit in! There is nothing to fit in… 

Be you, be true, be open and live! Start your life today… Close your eyes. There is a picture, a picture that is bigger than you that might seem impossible to manifest… Now… Open your eyes… Really open them! And tell me, what is keeping you from being THAT you already are… And now… Shift your reality into that one… Work on yourself, find your tools that serves you, carve time and space to grow personally, to learn, to expand … And then, may be, just may be… someday you realize that are on your way… Be genuine, be you, be true… And let the journey shape your path, whatever that may be.

Me? Today… particularly today… I believe in miracles and I believe…. No, scratch that… I FEEL that I am a miracle! 

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