The other a day, a younger friend of mine has asked me to comment on a blog of hers that was going to be published in one of the magazines. The more I read into her blog, the more I found myself, a younger version of myself materialize in front of me.

I guess when you are younger, everything seems clear, you are so opinionated about your perception of the things that you perceive everything either black or white…. But life, oh this amazing system called life…  it teaches you that when colors are mixed the canvas presents surprises… Life presents you these amazing shades of gray. When you mature a little in life, the sharp corners of your mind, of your judgements start being shaved, the corners start to soften…. You become more inclusive, more understanding, more accepting and respecting the situation or the person in front of you.

I used to judge those yoga teachers who were in the path but not applying all the requirements this knowledge recommended. But, with time, a friend not wanting a child becomes a heroine in your eyes for choosing herself among other things, a yoga teacher drinking wine becomes a human, of which he/she actually already is.  You start seeing the beauty in this reality. Not what you wish for or expect from life, but whatever it presents to you with all the shades in between.

And you start shaving those sharp judgements you have towards yourself too eventually. Those opinions you have about what you should be, how you should be living your life, what you should be believing in life…  all those you find to be true and a “must” in your life starts to shift and change. One day you realize that you are not that person anymore, you are much bigger, more beautiful than you have ever imagined you would be.

I think that is the best part of growing “up” let’s say (because let’s get real, I am never going to “grow old”), if you are lucky enough, and you do not perceive all those experiences from a bitter angle but somehow with appreciation, life turns out to be this amazing colorful canvas where you get to be “you” and the rest…. Oh well… let the rest unfold itself whenever it wants to… You will be safe and sound because you have found the most precious jewel in life… you!

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