May be

I don’t know if I have told you this, but for the last three years I suppose, I have been questioning the notion of life through relationships. How in the old system that code works. What is the significant reason we find that specific partner in life? 

For many of us I believe, love and relationships is the key to understanding our emotions, our fears, our limitations. And then we reflect what we learn from that into life. We are THE form of life that we get to experience first handedly, all through the span of our life times. So… for me, self exploration and the observation of my relationships is the source into understanding how life functions. 

Including myself, many people around me has been engaged in the relationships where opposites attracted each other. Everything in the system as we know of it is, or rather has been, based on duality. Yin and yang, black and white, day and night, hot and cold. To perceive the value, the necessity of one thing you were supposed to experience the opposite value of that. To enjoy the warmth of the sunlight on your skin, you have to experience the sensation of a snowflake melt on your nose. To realize the value of life, you have to experience the loss of a loved one. You have to be lost to be found. 

And hence, we were programmed somehow to find that other person that completes us, just like yin and yang. And, ultimately, our lives would have a meaning. But then, in real life, that opposite person keeps pushing our buttons, triggers our fears, limitations… and it becomes a challenging journey. Yes, I know, they are someway serving our growth and evolution as well. With them and through them we face our deepest corners and may be, hopefully, realize what we really are made of. But in the end, there is this constant effort in life to communicate, to connect, to preserve that relationship. Yes… we all go through those stages in our growth. To acknowledge our own truth, our essence… we go through those challenging relationships in life. 

But… lets enjoy this idea for a minute. This, I have been wondering and asking the universe for a while now. What happens if we find someone who is excatly like us, someone that when we converse, time does not exist anymore, we are tapped into each other from such frequency that everything we talk about opens up an other door in us, a bigger realization of life. Someone who knows our words, our dreams, our perception of life and lives with that truth in them. Someone where there is no effort but pure growth. What happens then? Would we be going against current of this reincarnative system called life? Will it be sustainable? 

I believe it is possible! I believe that if we choose to, if we invest enough time and energy into our personal growth, to hear that voice called intuition… then life does become a journey. If we act from that voice with belief and love and nothing else, may be it is possible to live a life out of that duality. May be you can be happy and full and grateful everyday. May be whatever turmoil comes your way, you can perceive that as a blessing, a teaching and grow with that… and in time, be grateful for that. May be you can get through a divorce with love and that person does become a nice friend, a companion in life. May be you can choose life and live yourself freely with love. 

May be it is possible to be effortless in life and be an observer when required. May be you can manifest your own life, and make your dreams tangible. May be it is possible…

I am a believer in life… so yes, I still believe… 

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