Be the wave

Today i had a sudden revelation. It was like everything that I have experineced for the last couple weeks suddenly made sense. 

I realized that, when we go through hard times, challenges, we get so comsumed by them that, we loose the big picture, the wonder and excitemet towards life.

If we fight with that situation and the feelings that situation evokes within us, it remains intact. There was this amazing phrase in art of living, “what you resist persists”. If we just focus on the circumstances and neglect what is actually going on deep within our soul, we get comsumed by the negative energy so much that it becomes our distorted reality. And that emotional swing which is taking place within our core is the actual reason that we found ourselves in that situation to start with. The situations change, those are just the physicall manifestations of the real fight that is happening within ourselves. 

Life is magical. It has so many lessons for us to grow. And when faced with a challenge, its  our attitude and the intensity of the inner journey we take that dictates the reason why we found ourselves in that situation. There is a deeper understanding, a teaching hidden in there of which eventually we have to face with. Its all designed for our growth. If we fight that feeling and try to structure it, we get lost deeper in the rabbit hole. 
On the other hand, if we accept it whole heartidly, see the lesson it was trying to teach us and respect life for its amazing system, the uncomfortable situation dissolves on its own, as if saying “thank you, you acknowledged the message and took a leap of faith” and with that revelation, we tap back into your alpha mode. Start living in the present moment moment once again. We start to see the colors of life once again. We are awake yet again. And the best thing is, when the storm is over you become a newer you, a wiser, bigger and brighter you. Thats what lifes system is based on, constant evolution for us to become what we originally are. 

If we survive, respect the picture and go through the tunnel with that awareness, when we are out, we realize that the sun is brighter than yesterday. And then, we are back in connection with ourselves, with life itself. 

This year has been amazingly interesting, awakening, challenging but yet freeing for me. I am a more free person in every way then I was a year ago. I am free of my fears. The amount of change in my life has been drastic but yet exhilarating. In a good way. I approached every challenge with nothing else but love.

Let me tell you something. The most crucial think in life is love, that is the hidden key, its the ace of spades. When you draw that card, sincerely, from the bottom of your heart, life respects you and opens the path to the next chapter. When you face a challenge, hug it with open arms and truly love it for the lesson it delivers, and somehow life respects you and the problem shifts into something else. 

My humble recommedation is this; even within your darkest moments find means to connect to yourself, to hear that voice residing within you called intuition. And listen. Let the storm settle. Watch, observe, respect and accept. That voice which is constantly whispering to you “follow your truth, all is gonna be alright in the end”. Hear the truth within you. You are safe and you are protected. Accept the challenge, face your fears and respect the lesson. And than all will be fine. 
Its the amount of happiness we live that dictates the quality of our lives. The more happy and content we are, the more happiness we manifest. So, choose that, as much as possible. And if a challenge happens in your life, than accept that as a blessing, ride through it with an open heart and you will be fine.

Life is too short, we are born and then we die. How true to ourself we spend those precious days actually dictates the quality of our lives. Lets make it count! Lets live every possible moment with bliss. We are manifesting our own lives. If we could be a little bit more aware, we can manifest an amazing life! 

And then all that sorrow, that hard patch becomes a blessing. And we love and trust life more for that. Go for that. Just like my amazing friend reminded us in his much inspired yoga class; “Don’t fight the wave, be the wave.” And enjoy the ride as much as you can knowing that, in your heart, that you are safe. Trust that all will be fine in the end. Respect the lesson. 

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