15 years ago, when I was in the ashram for silence, the guru has said something that resonated with me: that we are so lucky to be in a body, to be experiencing humanity during this period in history. And that there were lots of souls who is coming to earth to experience this massive shift in humanity. By then, yes, I did feel the essence of his words, however possibly had no idea of the context the shift he was mentioning (and possibly he had no idea either).

Today, I feel this massive shift in my life, every day. Here are some examples from my simple life in one year that I have encountered;

  • Today I can’t define my job title, what I do. And I acknowledge the fact that I have no idea what it could be even tomorrow. I welcome this ambiguity in my life and curios to see what life will reveal to me – day by day.
  • Today I am a contributor and co-creator of a collaboration platform Joint Idea, lifelong experimental learning platform Life Works Labs and our corporate programs “Unblocked and Unchained” and “Exponential Humanity”
  • Today I know that we are in an ever-evolving world and may be first time in the history of humanity, common consciousness is the active creator of our future.
  • Today I get to collaborate with such inspiring organizations and individuals whose mission is much bigger them themselves – to add value to this planet we all call home.
  • Today I am a proud collaborator of House of Beautiful Business, Katapult Future Fest, Burning Man, Mindvalley Academy, Tact Agora, Bonjuk, Free Flow Nation, Three Fold Token, Veda, Başlangıç Noktası and UNDP SDGIA.
  • Today I am a human being in the making, practicing becoming and creating new terms for my existence.
  • Today my meetings involve love language and heartfelt communication.
  • Today I have a new understanding of myself and what I can add to life.
  • Today I am courageous enough to say that I am a utopian – that I can see and touch beauty and this is not a daydream… it’s a reality!
  • Today I am me, as naked as I could be.

And yes, I am excited for this season of humanity. Regardless of the growing pains, I am grateful to be in this body, embodying this journey and giving my 100% to create a utopian reality – day by day.

Today I am grateful, and humbly thanking you all. For guiding me, for helping me grow, for accepting me, for hearing me and opening a space in your heart. For letting me drop seeds of hope, belief and trust in your hearts. I see you and I honor the being I see in you. Thank you.

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