Beyond right and wrong, there is a land. Let’s meet there, Rumi

Tonight is the new moon following a very long, very deep, very educative mercury retrograde and a full moon.

We have not only survived this period but indeed, came out of much bigger than what we were before. If the lessons have been learned, life has been embraced with grace, words very spoken with caution and respect… it means that you have grown, became a bigger version of your self, your perception and understanding has broadened. Nevertheless, you have changed and its ok and beautiful to change once you embrace it.

And after this precious period, this new moon is very powerful, baring fruits for manifestation from that broader perspective which is more free and truthful to our existence.

This new moon is important for embracing that growth and catching the next curve of sigmound curve… catching the next wave and surfing through life just above duality. Believe me, which I kindly advice you to do, its a precious day.

And it carries an opportunity to manifest today… of what we want our lives to be. To envision beyond limitations of how we want to thrive, what is the picture, our interaction in life with life. Its the day to define and re define, go deeper to what we can be, what we were meant to be … above duality.

Here is a little tool for you, a magic for potential manifestation. Take paper and pen. Sit down. Take a deep breath, and start writing down of what you want your life to be, explain the world you want to live in and how it makes you feel. Be free and go deep. Explore your potential. And kindly write these words in the present tense, as if its the reality now, in the moment you live in.

Fill two pages back and forth filled with beauty and with manifestation, in the present.

And then… and then trust the system that it shall be, when the time is right, in its own pace, with respect to life and your growth through it.

Hadi, do it… its the least you can do to contribute to the world you want to live in, and its doable. What do you have to loose? Just two pages, fill it with your heart and your expanded truth.

May it be that way and it always is.


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