What’s your excuse?

When this one of a kind universe is thriving, living, adopting, growing, changing everyday, what is our excuse for being stagnant, holding onto our limited perception of reality, of dreading change? 

These days I find refuge in a new documentary on Netflix by National Geographic, “One Strange Rock”. When I doubt my path, when I fall and question the system, when I feel slightly lost, this documentary pulls me out of my current state of mind and guides me to perceive life in a bigger perspective. Yes, we all get lost. And one thing I know, after 45 years in this body, is that the path to growth is paved with many glitches in life.

Every challenge, every hardship comes to teach us something, aid us to grow. And unless we respect life for its system, which is very tough and honestly – highly silly, and be thankful for its teachings, growth will be a very long and a painful journey. It involves a system called karma which we can never truly comprehend. I know, I will never know why I came to this universe as Eda, why we all reincarnate with such different combinations of reality, how that algorithm works. But, I know one thing, whatever our consequences are, those are given, no matter how much we fight them, we can never undo them. And yet still, from one simple example of life – my life – I believe and know that we have the power to become what we were destined to be. Little by little, day by day we can re-write our codes, become something totally different and change our path if we wish, believe and manifest it be. 

4 years a go, I was a housewife, a mother, a daughter, a sibling, a wife, a real estate development consultant and highly enthusiastic yoga and life student. I have had small achievements like fitting into society even though my soul was yearning for a bigger picture. Like choosing to see the beauty in everything and using the words that nurture the other. I had false beliefs of defined terms like relationship, work, success, life and me. I had dreams of going to Burning Man, of building an ashram, of expressing my voice, of completing my bucket list. And with age and acceptance, I have chosen to settle down with the fact that those dreams might remain as wishes and may not be realized within this lifetime. 

Today, I am still many of those things but I am so much more than I have ever imagined. Today, I am entrepreneur, I am a courageous human being following her own path. Every word, every conversation I am a part of aims to create an impact and value. Today, I am a yoga teacher, co-founder of Joint Idea, Life Works Labs and Love Mafia. I am a believer in life collaborating with many inspiring beings and institutions. I am a public speaker in the making. Today I do not dream of building an ashram, I am a proud co-founder of a modern day city ashram. Today Burning Man doesn’t seem like a distant land but a collaborator. Today I am more “me” than I have ever been. 

I have always dreaded competitions, I never understood why one has to loose for the other to win. Today I have inspiring collaborators all around the world who believe in joint ideas that could blossom with co-creation. Today technology and science excites me, I am a part of an ever growing ecosystem through the magic of human algorithm. 

And today, among all other days, I am a 45 years old version of me, ever growing, ever expanding. I believe in this magic called “soul” that hosts our body and that it is capable of such beauty. 

Let this be an inspiration for us all. Blind and autistic born Kodi Lee on America’s Got Talent is an inspirational example of the fact that the story we are born into does not dictate the path of our lives. We can choose to see, to hear, to grow, to become. Every moment that we breathe is an opportunity for us to manifest ourselves and the world we hope to live in. 

I believe we can possibly have no excuse not to grow, not to let go and not to become! This journey called life is meant to be lived fully! And that can only happen once we decide to dive in and let our truth find voice and life! So, lovely 45 – welcome! I greet you with open arms and wonder! I am so happy that I was born as me!

ever growing community of believers… #iamlovemafia
Midori – home for my 45th!

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