As I am writing these words, there is a jam session taking place in our office. Right at this minute, in our roof terrace, there are multidisciplinary artists who are expressing their selves through sound for the pure pleasure of each other’s company and their love for music.

I would like introduce them to you;

One of them, undeniably, is my lovely partner in crime at Joint Idea. He is the biggest multidisciplinary being I have ever laid my eyes on… he has shifted the term “creativity” in my perception. And in return, life has not only multiplied itself but somehow proved me that the only limitation we have is the ones we impose upon ourselves. So, yep, the first one is Markus and he is a composer in life. He composes beautiful ideas on every subject that is possible as long as they serve a sustainable system and there is pure goodness in the idea. That is his magic. He manifests beauty in everything. And I have seen him grow into the music in his soul and expressing that vibe with all the instruments he can possible master.

The other one is Buğrahan. As Markus has introduced him to our other community members today, he is an architect, a musician, an artist and, among all, a pure gentleman. His conversation with his guitar is intriguingly beautiful that it responds in such vibrant combinations of sound.

The third one is Rudy and he is from Belgium. He is a futurist, an innovator of beautiful dialogs and is currently a resident in our neighborhood, Arnavutköy to plant his magic in Turkey. With his partner and our dear friend Canay, they are on the path to kindle awareness in the corporate world, and hence, in our lives. He is a current member of our Jam sessions and its a pleasure to have his interpretation of sound through saxophone along with his beautifully presence.

And the last one is Semih. He is the ambassador of our dreams… his wholehearted mission is to touch and inspire the world into searching for their dream, manifesting those dreams. He likes to express himself with his music, his words, and his heart… “He” is the artwork of his creativity.

These 4 beings, oh ok, 5 beingsJ I suppose, I should include myself into this multidisciplinary group of people as well I suppose. And my art is to master the path of life. I choose love in my words, my actions and my intentions. And that is my art, I am trying to master the manifestation of love.

And there is an invisible thread that is connecting these highly inspiring many souls together who believes in the beauty of our mission, as much as we believe in theirs. We, somehow, magically, see each other’s authentic selves, and there is pure understanding and acceptance in the dialog. There is only goodness in the intensions, and there is a constant search for a comprehensive reality.

Yes… I am a privileged soul; I have chosen to perceive the less traveled path… the whisper of my soul. And even more privileged to be surrounded with such like-minded beings. And we will soon be launching a series of programs under the name Life Works Labs. We are all experimenting the possibility of an alternative reality in which we, as humans, thrive together, create a more meaningful life together.

We believe that change starts within. If you take the challenge to embark on a journey to the inner unexplored parts of your soul, you might find out there is more to you then meets the eye. And the only thing that is holding you from making that leap of faith in a more peaceful perspective of life is you, yourself. Start with yourself, believe me, it’s a beautiful journey to the self… an endless beautiful journey.

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