You have a choice

Since my childhood, I have found some environments a little more awkward than others. In some social gatherings, I could not really fit in or find the means to relate to the level of conversations people engage into. I have been contemplating on this detachment feeling for many years and couple years ago I figured out what led me into such state of being.

In the society we live in, particularly and unfortunately, in the country that I live in, people find the right to be engaged in other people’s lives with little or no knowledge, particularly based on a very unnecessary form of interaction that exists in societies; gossiping. And the energy generated from such situations somehow always disturbed me.

For the last couple years, I have been dedicating my time and energy into sincere and authentic conversations. If I do love someone and would like to acquire an in-depth information about their state of mind, about their wellbeing and mostly about their happiness level. I choose to have one to one interaction with them. When I look into the eyes of the other and ask, “How are you?”, I would like to hear what is true to their heart. Life is so short and so very precious. I value this life that was bestowed upon us and would like to make the best of out of it. I want to live it honest to myself. I would like to be involved in genuine environments where people leave their masks aside and really look into the eyes of the other… I choose to be engaged in sincere connections.

I figured out that people tend to gossip about other people’s lives when they are not in touch and at peace with themselves. Gossiping is one of the lowest form of energies. If you are a participant of that gossiping, then possibly you also are choosing to vibrate at that low level of frequency. However, if we have something more important and inspiring in our lives then we would not have the time to gossip but sing our own story.

  • Once we have a mission in life that is worth contemplating on,
  • if we have a dream that is genuine to us that is worth perceiving,
  • if we have a beautiful vision that is worth communicating… I don’t think we can either find time nor the need to be engaged in such small conversations about others.

We always have a choice to choose goodness, beauty in life. It’s our perception that defines how we want to live. And I choose sincere connections that feed my soul, my mind and my heart.

In Francis Mallmann’s episode on Chef’s Table he talks about how aging in life taught him to be honest and sincere in life, and why he has chosen to see some friends less over time. He explains that one of his friends has asked him why Mallmann choose not to spend extensive time with him anymore, he simply replied that although he still loves him dearly, but they have grown apart and that he gets bored when he talks to him. That’s why he chooses to spend less time with him. So simple and honest and loving words which also touched me deeply somehow.

We all read these blogs or inspirational quotes about people realizing a bigger perception of life in their older ages and choosing to be involved in genuine environments. I am at that stage in my life I suppose…. My life is way too precious. I am on a journey to realize my dreams and I am purely acting on nothing but sincere love. I choose love in my life, in my words, in my actions, in my work… and in my thoughts…. and that is how I choose not to be involved in any kind of low energy dialogs. And honestly it pays off… I whole heartedly recommend it to you…

When you find yourself surrounded by people talking about other people’s lives, simply choose to walk away. If you choose to be involved, know that you will become that frequency. Choose yourself instead…. In my humble opinion, life becomes much more productive and beautiful then. We can change the world for better once we choose to change our attention to things and perception in life.

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