Farewell 2016

Because you did not come here to make a choice

You have already made it

You are here to try to understand

Why you made it

This year has been the year of facing and breaking up the barriers within me. It’s been an amazing journey to extend my insight on who I actually am. How much I can take in life? How I would react when all that I have believed to be true shatters into pieces. How much I can grow and change in one year. What happens when I trust that little voice within me? How love can be the only reality in my soul, in my heart and in my words. How I can be “me”, be truly at ease with that and interestingly enough, be truly loved in return. I don’t hide from myself anymore, and I love what I see in me. I would do anything to nurture that and keep that as my ultimate reality. I see my light, my purpose in life and I respect life for urging me to take this path to be who I am today. If in the end I would end up to be the person I am today, I wouldn’t change a single day of my life. I am so grateful for who I am today.

This year has tested the limits of my being, of my belief system. Everything that I have believed to be true has shifted, changed color and somehow even became more real and magnificent in the end. Although it has been a very challenging journey, today, I respect all that it has lovingly taken from me and also all that it has graciously and gracefully brought to me. I see and respect all those lessons that has been presented to me through this year. Not only my personal life but also my physical being has been challenged all through this year. We have been through terrorist attacks and coup attempts. It was the first time I have seriously questioned the future of my country and the world. All the so called comfort zones I have defined in my life has shattered into pieces and something new and magnificent emerged. As if life was reminding me those such inspiring words of Rumi “Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”

My life has changed in every possible way and I simply surrendered, trusted the system and whole heartedly welcomed the next stage in my life. Today, I know that life has confirmed my path and my belief in life in a weird and a twisted way than I could have ever imagined. And, as a result, the life I knew does not exist anymore. It’s bigger, more real and captivating in every sense.                                                                                   

I will never forget 2016. It has been an exceptional roller coaster of a year. And although I respect and value and will somehow cherish its teachings, I am ever so happy that it will be over soon. I will always respect and love this year but believe me when I say this, my farewell is most heartfelt and eager.

And what does next year hold for us? Oh well… that actually is the reason why we all feel lost these days… we have no idea what the future holds for us. That is the reason why we feel so off balance these days… we cannot predict what tomorrow might bring. And that’s ok. And somehow exciting and promising. If I can breathe and evolve and blossom through a year like this, I believe life will be promising in many ways in the year to come. I have never known that I could manifest my life like this, love and believe this big and be at ease with all that surrounds me. Today my farewell is with utmost respect and love because I have respected every challenge 2016 has thrown my way. I have heard and felt its message. And I have even loved it for that.

So 2017… may you come gracefully, respecting all that we have endured for this last year. May you be gentle and loving. May you let us be guidance to those who seek for a better tomorrow, who are willing to create that future with us. Let us unite and wake up to our own reality, our humanity.

May you be inspiring… may we be able to create ourselves in the most complete way. May we be real, may we be hopeful, may we be ultimately happy…

And may you bring whatever you were meant to deliver. Because, today I believe in life more than I did a year ago. And I know… I can not control anything in life. My only responsibility and power is how I perceive these challenges and respond to them in return. I claim that responsibility whole heartedly.

Today, I can honestly say that; I am who I want to be and I am where I want to be

Thank you and farewell.



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