Start ups

First time in my life, I have surrendered to the entrepreneur soul that resides within me. Or, wait… may be that is not the correct phrasing.

First time in my life, I have realized the presence of a possible entrepreneur soul within me. I believe that’s how life operates somehow. It presents us a situation and if we are brave enough to perceive what it thrives to imply, we respect its intention. And only then it becomes inevitable for that reality to materialize in our life. It becomes our life.

I am learning the true meaning of a “start-up” these days. The hours in my day is not sufficient enough for me anymore. Although time’s speed has accelerated, the quality of my life, the pleasure and the satisfaction I take from it has also increased. If what you define as your work represents your life style, your beliefs, your life itself, I suppose, the pace of life changes with that as well. All my days’ passes with beauty. I meet inspirational, beautiful beings almost every day who feed my belief, my trust into life. May be that is why, in spite of all the chaos our world is going through these days, I am still hopeful, excited and happy. Through these encounters life confirms its love and support to the path I am taking, somehow whispering to me that creating a better life is possible, living life fully is possible.

And I am creating a new version of me every day. My perception of life is expanding in every possible way. We are manifesting the life we believe in. The biggest drive and motivation for me is to be partners on this path with those who perceives life as I do, who thinks like I do, who longs for the same future as I do.

I have figured out that residing in a start-up spirit has so many gifts. While you are lovingly creating something from your soul, you not only feel younger, but you also look younger. Time stops in that aspect. The beauty of the things you want to create in life somehow reflects through your body. I believe that the key for a long lasting youth is happiness. The main reason why we are on this world is to master that; to be happy and present and in love.

Happiness has many layers. You have to be happy with yourself, make peace with your existence. You have to be happy with your life, your life should resonate with your reality. And, most of all, you have to be happy with your work life. Majority of our day is dedicated to our work. May be that is the real dilemma here, separating our definition of work life from our real life. May be if we lovingly choose our work, then our work becomes our life, the separation disappears, and only then the real happiness can start. If we create not only because we have to but because we need to express ourselves in that form, then I believe, we can truly be productive.

This is our dream… to create an alternative life where we all take the leap of faith to face our own reality and find that essence which excites us, awakens the creative bone within us. We all are creative beings but the means we choose to express ourselves differs from one another. That is our unique difference from any other being in this world.

We are here to express ourselves with our words, with our thoughts, with our perception, with our own unique form of art. Finding that voice is the real journey.

Find that voice….

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