I want to be surrounded with people of whom every time they look into my eyes, I see a spark in them. Somehow wondrous and at awe, a little naughty and mischievous, full of life. A spark that gives promises that you both are vibrating in the same frequency… That you both are looking at life with almost the same perception.

A spark that carries the intention of something more than you each individually possess and it is more real than any reality that was imposed upon you. A spark that is so confident and at ease that they openly look into your eyes, there are no agendas, no fear, nothing to hide… They just up front stare deep into your soul…

Since art of living’s eye gazing exercise, it always impresses me in what I can see and perceive in the eyes of the other. A door opens to their soul. I almost loose the line where the other one ends and I start to begin. Nowhere to hide and no need to hide. You are seen and accepted and loved and understood. You are perfect as you already are!

And then, you would walk through everything with that song of good hope! That song will be your inner voice and your soul will be pulling you into a direction that you can not resist, which is so soft and so rich, and you would have no other option to follow it. There will be no options left in your life, no this way or another… Just one path left to follow which is your ultimate truth, the path of your soul. Not of your mind or your heart… The words seize to exist and you just simply have to surrender to come what may.

Close your eyes and follow your soul where all the questions dissolve into wonder and hope… You will find your answers there.

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