5 to 7

And this a story worth talking about!

He is exceptional, so soft, content, gentle, honest and funnily enough funny… Really deep, sincere and naive. His voice so soft, tender, settling, somehow reassuring. You not only feel his emotions, but really touch them… Embody them.

And she is witty, brave, exotic, sexy and daring. She is soft and beautiful, mature and naive. She is a true woman with so much compassion.

And they just happen to be. Life offers them each other, unplanned, uncontrollable.
Their departure holds a promise… “Till then, then.” expresses the surrender and acceptance to come what may.

And the kiss… That kiss you yearn for even though you secretly keep it locked in your heart… That is so tender and yet so passionate, that carries promises, an endless potential of your desires.

“Your favorite story, whatever it might be, is written for one reader.”

The final line, sums up the whole existence of life. “There are many loves, even the greatest ones, but there is just one perfect love.” No matter how it ends, the love never dies. Even the awareness of the reality of that love, the eternity it embodies… brings acceptance of the situation, whatever it may be…

And you hold on to life, accept it as it is… And suddenly, not knowing what the future holds becomes a promise life offers… A hope!

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