A city 

I have always dreamt of a city… 
A city that has the benefits of the lifestyle a city offers, but yet preserves the essential qualities that a village delivers. 

A slow pace of life of which the inhabitants are happy and at ease with themselves. 

A government that provides all the basic human survival needs that the residents need; by offering education, health care and a certain quality of life one might need to glide through life with almost no ambition. A city where people work because they want to be creative and be active, not for necessity but rather because they want to feel productive within the society they live. They feel that freedom to be what they actually are, without boundaries, and be appreciated for that input they put into life. Mostly there is no bad bone in them as the majority is content with the life they lead. They have no extra hunger for anything but love and peace. 

A city that every detail is articulated with a deep thought process. From the architecture to the landscape, from the door handles to the sculptures, from the transportation to the life style they lead… Everything you look at… You a see an artistic approach. The beauty of the object captures you and the respect you feel for the artist and his thought process for such creation takes you over. 

A city that pedestrians and bicycles govern the transportation. Of which the residents do not need to go the gym and contain themselves behind those doors to work out. Of which your gym becomes outdoors and you can walk and bike all day, reach your destination with ease and still work your body. Your body starts to feel its true purpose; to get you from one place to the other because it simply is healthy and happy. 

A place where there are no buildings higher than 4-5 floors with high ceilings which brings the depth and light to all living quarters. A city which provides breathing spaces with its parks within reach. With no effort at all, you find yourself surrounded by nature within the city. 

And one more time I have realized, Amsterdam delivers all that and more… I am strolling down the streets with so much appreciation that all I see is beauty and nothing more. And if one day, I will have to move away… I think I have found where my heart belongs:)

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