Fall has arrived and the pace of the summer days are over… And with this sudden change, I have found myself in a rather hectic work pace these days, so much so that going to my sanctuary, my heavenly yoga studio has become an opportunity rather than a preference… And yes, I do get much annoyed by this but then, if not through anything but through yoga I have learned much about the cycle of life, and that I have to respect that. And yesterday night, I have crawled out of the office, just for a few hours, to attend much deserved Chris Chavez’s class, just to return back to work after I unwind a little bit.

And to my wonder, his teaching resonated with what was going on in my world and how I was handling it. Thats the wondrous approach he takes, somehow each teaching corresponds to a current issue in your life and those words do touch and nurture that which challenges you most at that point in your life. Once the perception is altered, the awareness shifts and you come out of the class a step closer to the true version of yourself.

And very rarely, during meditation I not only meditate but see a vision. I always presumed that this happened when I was at a peaceful state of mind. But to my wonder, this time,against all odds, I not only left my shoes outside the door but all that was occupying my mind.

In my meditation I suddenly envisioned us all as if we were seeds on this earth, and we were blossoming through life with each people we meet, each journey we take. Once we were mature enough we flourished and exploded and all thats is the essence of us, all that we are, is scattered around the ground.  

I suddenly realized that, those new seeds that is the essence of ourselves, is dispersed all around the world. And thus we reach further places than we can ever envision… Beyond this world, beyond this time… And change the beat of the creation with our input. Reminding me that we are in this journey to manifest our reality and if we do live a life that is true, in touch with that is infinite, that is love… We alter the reality of not our own lives but of all that we are in contact with and beyond.

And with this insight, I left all that agitation, all that stress and attended the issues in hand with sincerity and patience. No matter how lost we feel within a situation, we should always remember that all that we perceive is temporary. If we go in to ourselves, nurture that is untouched and come back into the world with that truth, and hence, express it though our actions in daily life… Every step of this journey, even the most challenging ones becomes a teaching, a progress, a blessing at the end. 

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