Two became one

Just a simple breath in life, surrounded by the sun, the crisp blue of the Aegean sea, white washed houses of the Greek islands, the sounds of the crickets, the smell of the nature and exceptional friends… 

That was the state of mind I was in this weekend. Against all odds, two amazing souls found each other and promised to love and cherish the other for the rest of their lives, and we were fortunate enough to witness such a union. I generally do not like eternal words when it comes to feelings, relationships, promises… This is life and sometimes it leads us to unexpected destinations and hence keeping those promises might be quite a challenge. But in this particular case, I beg to differ. This time, from the bottom of my heart I know, I feel that this is it… this union will survive the turbulences of life… The intention, the hearts are so pure that they will lead their lives hand in hand, heart to heart and will be a living proof that it can happen, love can concur all! 

It was one of those weekends that time stayed still and there was nothing left to do but be present in the moment… The feeling of love among all was so strong that it was almost tangible, you could almost touch it… Surrounded by beautiful, sincere smiles … experiencing the lightness of being, existing, breathing, feeling…

Today, I have an extended Dutch family! We are so lucky to be born as humans in this lifeline and be able to experience such contentment and love beyond borders! This weekend two become one in every possible way:) 

So, Fatos and Martine, I thank you for being who you are, just as you are; with all your assets and flaws. Your reality surpasses your existence and inspires us all! I am not gonna wish happiness for you… Because I know you two will make each other happy. I believe we make our own destiny, and the state of mind you are in dictates the quality of life you will have… Be the love and light you already are and the rest will be spectacular and exceptional! 

I love you both individually, separately and together as an entity with all my heart! May life be your playground!!! 

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