I am a writer

I feel totally utterly naked these days. So naked that what you see is what you get, transparent almost… With my words, with my heart, with my intentions, with my soul as naked as I could be….

I am living myself, my true self openly with all my assets and shortcomings. When I hear praise, I accept it with all my heart. When I hear a judgement, I try to see it beyond ego and search for its reality in the self.

I am putting myself out there with almost no filtration. Free… That is how I feel lately. Free from my self limitations, my self judgements, of what was imposed upon me, of who I should be… I just “am” these days.

When you intend to live this reckless, this free… There is no other option but to see what you are made of, what that core that resides within you is yearning for. In the light of this search, this yearning… When I glanced in me, I found out that I am a writer.

It took me 41 years to say that, but now I know that reality which resides within me. I believe you don’t become a writer in time, you come into the world with this notion in you. There is nothing you can do but write, there is this undeniable urge to do so. Words just flow out of you and you find yourself writing in the most awkward times and places. As an example, I am having a massage right now, literally… And while my eyes were shot and I was listening to my body and that inner voice within me, these words that you are currently reading right now just found life within me and wanted to go out, be told. And here I am; writing. It doesn’t matter if its good or bad, I simply do not care. Of course some encouragement is more than welcome; we are humans after all, whole with this inseparable part of our self… our ego. But the intention is what makes the difference, its not to be liked or to be appreciated but simply to be heard. To get THAT out of my system and share.

If its a calling that is coming from your inner core, and when you are aware of it, its time that you make it your reality. Let it flow and find its own path of where it wants to take you. If the source is so pure and true without any attachments, you will simply know that not only the journey but the destination will also serve this purpose. Everything is and will be what it is supposed to be.

Words are the gifts that was bestowed upon me. They are the means of communication I love to use in my interaction with the outside world. And I am good at it. I use it only to express beauty and appreciation and love. Being genuine and open is my motto. I tell good things to everyone I encounter. I am not kidding, literally every single one, when the opportunity rises. I tell them openly at least one good thing about themselves, something we all recognize in the other but somehow choose not to say, may be even take it to the opposite end and judge. Those things, I choose to say to the other at that moment, out loud and with delicate words. I cant help it, its almost automatic! It just pours out of my like that. I pay extra attention for them to be from a place that is untouched by the self but from the source itself.

I am naked these days, I am me and I am becoming what me wants to be… Be silent and centered enough to hear it and be humble enough to let that belief, that reality guide you, come what may, knowing that something this strong and uncontrollable and pure can only take you where you were intended to be in the first place. 

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