Twice Born

Tonight I want to talk about love… That love which is so true that shakes up all your reality, beliefs… A kind of love that doesn’t evolve and mature over time but just is present at that first moment you see the other. The kind of love that poets like to write about; that a novel can not even capture it as a deep literature from the heart can cover and communicate.

I felt that possibility; the reality of that love in a movie tonight. Best movie I have seen for the longest time! So genuine, so real… About a love, I truly hope that exists in this world. So full, so alive, so deep, so true… My heart is full of light happy feelings, especially hope…. “Twice Born”… Amazing performance by Penelope Cruz! Embodying such a love that movies like Across the Universe, One Day, The Notebook has talked about. 

You dive in to your heart, into those dreams that you have been holding so close to your heart… And it becomes your reality even for this brief moment in time. 

I know it still is an idea but if you have been lucky enough, you might have tasted this uncontrollable, tender love that shakes your core and awakens every cell of your body, even for brief a moment in time. But even if you have not lived this before, the fact that someone has thought and directed and communicated it to us tonight… Is still enough for me to believe in the existence of such love, the idea that someone has dreamt about this and wrote about it is more than enough for me to keep believing and feeling alive!

I believe in love in this world! That with small shifts in our awareness, our perception, if we show enough attentiveness and sensitivity, we can live that soft, capturing, sincere, naive, passionate, “my eyes cant see an other but you” kind of love.

 A love that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “and they swift briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered” words tries to capture or that William Shakespeare has felt at one moment in time and expressed with his eternal words “when I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew” kind of love. So impulsive, so inevitable that there is no other option but to let it swift you away into a land that you have never been before, into a sea of emotions you never knew that existed within you. 

Even though I might not get to live that kind of love first handedly in this lifetime, the mere thought of it, the possibility if it existing in this world that I live in just gives me hope for the future…. I know that until the last breath that this eternal body holds, I will keep on believing,  this hope will shed a light in my journey… My belief in a love that would capture our bodies, our mind and our souls together at once that every time we look into the eyes of the other, we feel ever so grateful to be living, to be breathing and to be able to see the beauty that lays in front of us.

Oh well, I am an hopeless romantic…and if you are too, go and watch it! 

Let there be love… Always!


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