Wild and free

Beautiful, heart to heart conversations bare many insights and understandings in life.

Yesterday night as I was having a conversation with a very dear friend of mine, we were talking about how some people make us feel uneasy. Its not that we dont like them, but rather find ourselves in an uneasy dialog with them, the connection sieze to exist. And I suddenly realized that with some people I somehow can not move an inch further than casual conversations. 

I like to dive in the other when I converse, really get to know them; what moves them in life, what hurdles they try to overcome, what their real passion and aim in life are. And with some people, unfortunately, these contacts remain as brief encounters. I feel that constant barrier. I do not get to grap who they really are and in return, move a step backwards and keep on observing them, searching that glimpse of life, a hint of their reality. 

Yesterday as we were conversing, I suddenly realized what main common attribute those people carry that push me away from them; they all are extremely polite, somehow political, proper people. 

Nothing is proper in life. The real, natural way is to be a little wild, a little crazy, a little extraordinary. When you look at the nature, what you see is what you get. Plants grow just the way they like it, wild within their environment but still captivating, original and beautiful. We are all a part of that nature, unique and special, every single one of us. But we are humans, born into our families, social communities and in time that reality is reshaped by the norms and rules of the environment we live in. That is the nature of life, and it sure is a necessity of life; to remain within some social boundaries, to carry basic human values. But in the meantime, it sure is crucial to be true to ourselves while still preserving our respect towards all living things and our position within our communities. 

I love to see that reality in the eyes of the other. Feel a glimpse of life, their true exceptional being shining through their eyes. Always prefered those who are alittle crazy, spontaneous, who somehow has less filtration of their thoughts, feelings and joy in life. 

A little crazy is real; expectable and acceptable. At least you get to see the true nature of the being in front of you. Then you can decide if you want to keep them in your life permanently or not. But there are some circumstances that the other is so proper and lets say, normal, that I choose to keep a distance, may be to protect myself, or may be because I simply can not find any reason to further that conversation. 

But, this is me. Not everyone is like me, I know that. Still, I wish that we could really have the opportunity to SEE the other, see their passion, life energy pouring out of their souls and uplifting us, inspiring us, helping us to break free from our unnecessary habits, boundaries, prejudices towards life. 

Experince life the way we were meant to be… A little crazy, a little wild but totally free! 

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