Never lose the fun!

Never lose the fun in doing something.
When we commit to something, whatever that may be, if that becomes a routine, a necessity in our lives, we tend to forget why we have decided to do it in the first place. We lose the spark which initiated that love, we let go of the enthusiasm that made us choose that particular path.
This morning, after a long while, we woke up really early in the morning once again and head down to the sea side, to meet up with our running group. When we did arrive, they have already taken off. So my husband immediately started running to catch up with them.
My plan for this morning was to take it slow. I have sprained my ankle almost a year ago, of which it turned into a stress fracture after a while … Since then I have stopped running for almost 9 months, with small trials in between, of which all ended with slight pain and swellings. Today, my intention, due to my doctor’s orders, was to test my new sole mould just by walking for a couple of days. But, could I refrain myself from running? Oh, well…. Nope!
When I breathed that morning freshness of Istanbul into my lungs, I felt this immense lightness and love with that familiar feeling I have missed so much… And, I did run. Don’t get me wrong, I was calm and listening to my body, ready to attend even to a tiny sign of pain that may show up. But, it was a smooth ride and I chose to keep on running till the end. During the run, this phrase popped up in my mind. “Never lose the fun in doing something.”
Lately phrases have been just finding life in my soul and I literally have to put my life on hold and take a note somewhere so that I could refer to it later on… Just to contemplate on that thought further and in some cases, share them with the others.
And, on this particular moment I have realized that, the joy and fun of what we are doing only finds life in the present moment. If we have worries and anxieties of how we are going to do it or what happens if we don’t meet that expectation, that’s what keeps us down.
Today, once more, I have remembered what I have loved about running and savored every single moment of it. The empty, quiet streets of this amazing yet hectic city. The lingering lights reflecting on the most captivating scene of the Bosporus. Breathing and feeling alive, saying “good morning” to the smiling eyes that have become an inseparable part of my life… The lightness of just living on this amazing planet and welcoming one more day with lightness in my heart. A day full of promises and wonders.
Be present in everything that you do and remember what it means to you. From the simplest actions to the life altering decisions… Put your awareness into it. If you are eating an apple, remember why you have bought that apple and took a bite into it… Pay attention to the pleasure of that one single bite while that juicy nectar lingers in your mouth.
Remember why you have chosen your specific partner to be with in this lifeline. Try to hold on to that initial spark, that feeling they have implemented into you, all through your journey. Remember why you have decided to have your daughter. Leave your expectations and your worries for her wellbeing and just look into her eyes, celebrate her decision to come to you. Spend time with your loved ones just because it uplifts you and life couldn’t be any better than this. Enjoy every action and moment of your life as it is your doing. Make space in life to remember from time to time and expand, celebrate life as it is today, at this moment in time.

Team Istrunbul

Team Istrunbul

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