Lets put an intention to ALWAYS have an intention in our lives. To have the intention to really “be”.

Today, on my mat as I was contemplating on my intention for that particular practice, I have placed my intention to be free, to live myself freely without fear, or expectations nor resentments… Just freely “be” as I truly am born to be. And to be accepted and loved and percieved as I naturally am. 

Lets have an intention while perceiving all our actions, decisions, feelings in life. Lets be aware and awake in action, mind and in heart fully. Lets feel and see life as is and realize that we are part of the ONE. 

There is a saying by Celaleddin Rumi; “you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” 

Once we carry the notion of this reality within us, not live this concept, but essentially BE itself, we can live life fully and freely. LIVE. Whole heartidly live with compassion as the creater itself, knowing that we are manifesting our own reality, we are here, on this planet, because we have chosen to be here. We are in this body because this is what we have intentionally choosen to experince within this life. And finally be free!  


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