lost and found

We all get lost in this world; we get lost to be found. That is the nature of the term; it is the rules of this game. And when you are found, you find yourself… Through the perception of excepting and loving eyes you see a clearer version of yourself. Know that nobody is finding you but yourself through those eyes. Those people are only there to hold your hand and guide you into your awakening… that you are love and nothing less. Do not get attached to those people but cherish the feeling they plant in you and with its strength move forward. Universe is always there to guide you, to help you. Just be aware and except those loving hands. Know that they are a part of you, even if they remain in your life or not, they will always be in you. I honor all those who have knowingly or unknowingly lifted me up and helped me through those times, shedding a light in my way.

Gokova, Turkey

Gokova, Turkey

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