For as long as I know myself, as long as I remember … I have a tendency to tell my loved ones that I love them. Out loud and whenever this feeling rises within me. That feeling of wholeness surrounds me and I have no other than those three little words which sums it all up in the most simple and complete form. “I love you”. It’s a prayer not for what I want from life but for what I have today, what life has offered to me today, in this moment that I am breathing. It’s not a yearning but just a simple act of my heart expanding, pure appreciation of what has been granted to me as a human being on this planet.

I believe life is too short and I personally don’t have any idea when and if I will be able to tell those people what they mean to me, so, when the opportunity presents itself, I choose to sieze it.

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do get to say who hurts you, and I like my choices.” This is a phrase from the movie “The Fault In Our Stars” adopted from a novel by John Green. And while I was watching it the other day, the phrase just sank into my soul.

We do fall in love and we do get hurt sometimes. But do not forget that loving is the most selfish act of a being which also inspires and grows us. We do not love to be loved in return or because we will benefit from it in the end. We just love as it is the state of being we are in at that moment in life, and, because there is no other option.  And you know what, we do get hurt sometimes. But, never forget that we have chosen to love those people, it was our uncontrollable decision somehow to do so. That we have surrendered to love and in return felt alive in our bones, that we were unquestionably present in those precious moments and that feeling of “love” was our reality.

Love is the only truths in this life, so if you are fortunate enough to be surrounded with the people that you truly love, no matter what the outcome may be, cherish that feeling and love! Love like there is no tomorrow and say it out loud with no fear or expectation … Live now!