Student and the master

Being a student and the master, embodying these opposite yet complimentary traits in one single body… This is one of those subjects mentioned during our teacher training program and just now, today, I truly understand what was implied. Right now, there is no doubt within my soul of what that phrase is trying to verbalize… I am sure you all have those moments, where everything just simply makes sense and there is no more questioning left in your mind. You surrender to the knowledge, accepting it as the reality.
That is exactly what has happened to me right now. Now that I can reflect back and analyze my year… I can say that I have learned from you as much as I have thought you. “There is no selfless good deed.” This once was referred in a Friends episode. When you do something good and feel good as result of that, something in you shifts, and that change within you is your payback. There is no selfless giving if you feel that contentment, that feeling of fullness in return. And honestly, that is the best form of exchange one can have.
Since I have become a teacher, a brand new yoga teacher in action in fact, (It’s been 5 classes to be precise.) I have learned a lot about myself, about life. During those classes I have realized that those students were actually my teachers in life.
Its the same with all our soulfully connected interactions. We do not only give love but receive love in return which is so tangible that we can almost hold it physically in our arms. While doing so, we not only provide insight into their lives but also, receive information about our lives in doing so, somehow support and guide each other through life. At some moments our teachers becomes our students and at others, our students becomes our masters. The duality in life appears once again. There is no direct line; no short cuts but simply the reality of life existing in this duality. And believe it or not, take it for me…. There is peace, love, laughter, strength, maturity within that duality. These are the spaces, gaps in time that we grow, be a complete form of the self within all those dualities.
This year I woke up with this awareness in my bones… Knowing that this ego within me is an entity that I should make peace with. Be aware when it needs to be fed and be appreciative when that demand is fed by the universe and thus, find balance within me once again. There is no unnecessary action, emotion, attribute that we were born into and carry in this life… This provides the opportunity to be aware of ourselves as a whole and with a humble loving heart grow with that knowledge and evolve… Become a better version of our selves!