I have a confession to make…
Being on the path that I am, I know that the ultimate goal is to conclude ones cycle, resolve all those karmic challenges, get undressed from all those excess baggage we have been carrying life after life and with that lightness and clarity realize what we already are… that we are love… and then hopefully, move on and not come back again… Finally be a part of what we actually are; realize that we are the divine!
Ok, that path I truly adore ­čÖé
In a weird way, I love facing myself and eventually dealing with the daily challenges life presents. I truly enjoy this journey to become a better version of myself. Interestingly, the more I dive in myself, the more I feel that I already know!
It is like a journey back home, a path that has been travelled for many lifetimes… Actually, it is not finding your way back but rather, remembering your path back home. Every moment of this journey is awakening, energizing and loving… Knowing that all these challenges that lay in front of me was my choice, a path that I have chosen to live or better yet, the path that I live because of the choices I have made for many lifetimes; life becomes exciting. And now, as I accept this reality, this truth… I welcome the journey that leads me back to the ultimate truth, to the universal consciousness.
Today, I love my path… So much so that sometimes the possibility of this lifeline being my last one saddens me! I honestly, truly love being a human being… breathing and living on this planet!
This week was dedicated to the realization of this reality within me! Wednesday nights of mine is strictly reserved for yoga! For those who are the members of the yoga community in Istanbul, Wednesday classes with Chris Chavez are like a pilgrimage. If you are a teacher, he provides you with such insights in one single class that you get inspired for your future personal classes. And if you are a student… Oh well, even better! Layer by layer you get to explore your reality. And might I remind you that we are all students in this school of life, so the best news is; the journey never ends!!!
And, this Wednesday… oh my… It was one of those exceptional classes. So strong and so deep, keeping you glued in the present moment so that every word he uttered just sank into your soul and found the exact place that it should be nurturing. After one of those challenging posses while we were resting in Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) he came and scribbled something in my notebook. Yes… that mischievously warm and sweet he is and yes… I do have a notebook with me so that if and when I get inspired (which happens quite often in his classes) I would be able to take a note. Anyhow, I waited till after the class to check what he wrote down in my notebook.
“When you know the truth, there is nothing to fear!”
Once you get close to the truth, your truth, which is also the universal truth… there is nothing to fear. All you have left with is the acceptance of who you are and from then on, there is nothing left but just merely enjoy life as is!!! And in the light of this reality, living a life surrounded by such beauty, I could say that, the possibility of not reincarnating as a human being once again does sometimes saddens me… ItÔÇÖs rather like a melancholy feeling you get when you depart from a dear loved one so close to your heart.
And… That is my confession! That I adore life!!! There are days that I do get lost sometimes but ever so grateful that I find that strength within me to be an observer in those moments in time, get detached from those feelings that are pulling me down, get rid of that clutter that is clogging my mind and see my way back home! And then, again… One more time… let the gratefulness wash over me!
So, let this weekend be one of those refreshing, fantastic, warm and cozy weekends filled with love and joy!!! Enjoy today, this single breath you breathe in with gratitude! And live… Truly live!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!