40 years on this earth

Today I am 40! It’s been 40 years that I have been on this journey, in this lifetime, within this body, with the family that I believe I have chosen, surrounded with amazing souls. Although life does have its ups and downs from time to time, I feel pride in saying that I wouldn’t have wished to be in any other place, be in any other condition than being “me” today! I am 40 and everyday when I wake up, no matter what I have been through the day before, I choose to wake up with a smile on my face, feeling grateful for what has been offered to me in this lifetime.

Yes, ok, I am a woman and a human being… sometimes I do wish to be a little taller or a little thinner, but ever so grateful that I have a healthy body and am able to commit to new goals in my life, like running a half marathon or completing my yoga teacher training certificate.

I know my limitations and I respect them. I cherish them and let them guide me in my journey. I am as young as I will ever be, at an age that things could not be delayed but perceived, lived fully. Instead of my downsides, I am focusing on my assets, those gifts that were bestowed upon me.

I have more courage to face the biggest demons in my life, my fears that have been holding me down over the years. I choose to see every challenge as an opportunity to become a better version of me. I choose not to be a victim of life or a football of other people’s opinions. Instead of changing the situations that are challenging me, I now focus on myself and change my perception of them. Now I know that I only have control over me.

And the dreams… those dreams that were so far away when I was young, have slowly started to become my reality. This little writer within me is eagerly pushing my ego and my need for appreciation, and slowly but surely rewriting my path. Today, I have the courage to change my path if it doesn’t serve my purpose, my soul. This lifeline is my gift and I am aware that today is the only place that happiness can be… that, “I” can be.

I choose to tell the loved ones what they mean to me every day. Words are my gifts and I try to choose them wisely and delicately… as much as the opportunity presents, I choose to praise life, and the ones around me.

I am a happy soul and grateful everyday for what life has offered me. Most of all, that it has provided me with the sight that perceived the beauty in everything that’s surrounding me. Today, I am a lucky being who has lived on this planet for 40 years and I am more excited for the next “minimum” 40 to come. I know… from the bottom of my heart, I know that it’s going to be exceptional. And today, I thank you all who has touched me, inspired me, thought me, challenged me but in some form guided me in my journey… I honor you all!