One Million Arm

TTonight I have watched “One Million Arm “and my God, what a blast it has been.
It’s been a bliss full day anyway, may be that had an effect on how I perceived the movie.
In the morning I got up late, around 8 o’clock. I have spent some time with my daughter. My husband has been gone to fishing that early morning at the Bosporus and apparently have caught blue fish which we did enjoy with a couple friends tonight. A feast it has been.
So, anyhow, then she went to drama class and I spent quality time alone at my home. After her class, we went and had her ears pierced. It was a remarkable day for her also, she had her ears pierced! Once of a life time memory was carved in her heart and that will always be her first. I saw this in her eyes today; she was so happy and proud of her self. After a mother daughter quality lunch time, she went to volleyball with dad and I went to the European side to attend the first initiation yoga practice of Cihangir Yoga’s 3. Studio in Istanbul; Cihangir Yoga Cadde. It was magical and light and deep and refreshing. One of my best yoga sessions in a while, reminding me of why my heart and soul was set on yoga, once again. Surrounded by smiling, loving, non judgmental eyes. What more can one ask for in life?
For dinner we had very close friends in our house, had a beautiful and a delicious dinner.
And now are watching this amazing movie. It’s a must watch movie, in which India and Indian culture has been portrayed in such reality and sensibility. Expressing the good, loving, humorous and naive characteristics with such delicacy and openness. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so go and watch it. Immediately! It’s a real life story of joy and happiness, belief, hope and humanity. Pure and real. You are going to love it and feel it your heart. Enjoy it. Have a good day!