Joint Idea

6 months a go, when my path has crossed with Joint Idea, the first feeling it evoked inside of me was the sense of safety, it felt like home. I have been looking for a home, for myself, for some time now. Surrounded with loving eyes, souls who are somehow searching for their answers like me. 

I have dreamed of that home for some time a go, 13 years ago actually. In one of my meditations in Art of Living Ashram in India, I have found myself yet in an other ashram. A home for those who are yearning, constantly searching and trying to find a meaning in life. A home for us. And since then I have been waiting, hoping to make that dream come true. To unite with those who are on the path for truth, who are open, who are seeking for their true self. When you are awake, slightly awake, you have no other path left but to take that challenge to hear your own voice, find that trust, find your mission and start to embark on that journey, chasing your passion. I believe, only then we can be happy and only then we can may be, hopefully, change the world. 

And when I am in Joint Idea, I know that I am on the right path. I spend my days with those who somehow see me, feel me… and that is a wonderful way to start your day. 

The first day I came in through that door, I saw this writing on the wall, silently whispering like a mantra “life works club”. It spoke to me, but then, I didn’t understand the depth of those words. Because words are powerful when supported with a deep belief at the core of it. It becomes believable then, and may be, although it might seem like a dreamy mission…. they might also manifest an other reality once believed and lived by many. 

And in this house, those who believe in their intuition, who are searching for a better life, a community are gathering around. 

Do not work for living your life, do your life’s work for a living. Create, communicate your own voice, follow your truth and lets build a life which is happier, content, fulfilling with our collaborative inputs, ideas, projects. Our imprint in life is the most crucial thing! Live yourself truly because you are writing your own legacy every day, make it meaningful! Make it beautiful, make it inspirational, make it graceful and build it with love and trust. 

You wanna save the world? First save yourself. Find happiness in all you do, see love in all you touch and create from that source. I believe, then, the world will change on its own. We don’t have to do much. Everything in life is connected to one an other. You are the most important part of the system, wake up, challenge yourself to look into your naked soul in the mirror, accept what you see and then change it to what you were meant to be. Once you start to change, then you can change the world. Take the challenge. Dive into the unknown and hear. May be it is not that scary after all, may be life is waiting for you to let go off the struggle and make peace with its system. May be, just like us, life also wants to be seen and loved and accepted as it is. Then … oh then, may be if you just act from that sincere true source, may be then life starts to pay it forward to you… 

I think its worth a try, don’t you…


That is one significant word in my life… always. I do not like continuous words or long term promises in this life. Life in time thought me that nothing is forever and things, emotions, life can change in one single second in our lives… but, this word specifically, I do love! It has a promise in itself, which is why I love it; it nurtures the goodness and belief in my soul. It holds a promise of a better future for the mankind, subtly implies the continuous link in everything.
This word is also in my bucket list. If one day I will decide to have a tattoo on my skin, this is the first word that will be softly and quietly whispering to me, engraved somewhere on my body, reminding me… always.
Love, always… Those people that I have loved, no matter in which circumstances we have departed, no matter how far away they are from me now, no matter if they are still alive or we are still in contact… I love them always. I believe when we “see” a soul and love that being with no judgment or expectation, when we value them for the pure pleasure of enjoying their company because they are just simply themselves… that love never disappears, they live within us, they are a part of us and they have a contribution in the being that we have become today.
Goodness, always… No matter what happened to us that day, and whether our tolerance is low because of that, do goodness for others and for yourself always. A sincere act of love is the key to goodness and peace in this world.
Belief, always… Believe in life and the creation. That no matter what storm we might be going through in our lives today, there will be light and happiness in the end. Universe is conspiring for a better picture for us, we only need to believe and surrender.
Hope, always… hope for a better world where love will rule our hearts and becomes our reality. Hope that people will awaken into their reality, that they are love. Hope that the next generation will not forget and that the world will be filled with the laughter and joy of happy and healthy kids. Hope that tomorrow is a promise for a better world and we will live heaven on earth within our reality.
Inspire, always… live a life worth uplifting, inspiring not only the ones around you, but our own soul also. Be true to ourselves and bring sunshine and lightness to the ones around us. With the beauty we see in the others, guide them into manifesting their own reality into life with acceptance.
Grateful, always… for the being I have chosen to become; for my family and the unconditional love they have given to me; for my husband and his belief in me, providing me space to grow while still holding my hand; for my daughter, the light and the inspiration she has become in my life; for my friends who sees the real me and becomes a mirror to me every day; for yoga, shedding a light in my path to my inner journey; for my psychological and physical health so that I can live and experience life fully; for all the beauty mother earth offers to me every day with compassion and love; and for the sight that has been bestowed upon me that has the power to see and perceive beauty and goodness in everything.
Live, always… Although I do believe in reincarnation, still, this is it! We don’t remember the previous ones and won’t remember this one next time we come around. So, live now, today, fearlessly, whole heartedly as if there is no tomorrow, live fully!
Always, me

Stone from Malibu, Los Angeles, USA

Stone from Malibu, Los Angeles, USA