Letting go or re-defining terms

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I think we all are shedding our skin these days. We all are facing a fear, if not all fears, within ourselves. This last month has especially been a roller coaster of changing perspectives, of our darkest fears crashing into our face as possible realities in the universe. And we all are trying to find a way to make a sense, and little by little, to free ourselves from all the norms, patterns and expectations of life.

In my case, today, the biggest reality that I need to make peace with, is my daughter leaving Turkey to purse her education in UK. Everybody is asking me how I came in terms with this decision of sending my 13 years old daughter away and how I am coping up with it? Let me tell you a secret. I am not! I have no will nor desire to be away from her. My perception of life’s game has been based on what the past generations has passed to us. That you get married, have children and you live happily ever after. Yep. That’s how my story started as well.

First wave of reality has come with my perception of marriage. Today, I have a different understanding and acceptance of what marriage is. Today, I love my ex-husband and hold him dear to my heart as one of my best friends. He still is my partner in life but in an evolved form. We do not claim rights on each other, however we do cherish each other’s individuality and dreams. We choose to listen to each other not through our patterns but with an open heart. We know that we are not here to push each other’s buttons anymore but to shed a light in each other’s journey. So, yes, marriage is not something that binds us, but companionship is. I share a life with him like I have never done before. I am grateful for his existence not because he is my husband, but because he is my friend who has and still is contributing to my growth, who knows my essence more than anyone, and that all his words are not directed at me to break me but to make me. His support and love are beyond any defined name or pattern that is attached to that title.

Then came my perception of work. I have learned from early ages that work is something you do to earn money. Our choices of our occupation have been based on our limited perception of our capabilities, of our luck and our state of mind during the university exams, and merely on how we could earn more money to make a living. We believed that if we are at work from 9 to 6, contributing to a system we vaguely believe in, to earn and to spend so that we fit in the society, then we are good. Life is what it should be and what is. I remember an elder telling me in my early years of work life that we do not have to do what we like but we should learn to like what we do. I often found myself wondering about that. Yes, there is an enormous wisdom in finding a meaning in what you are doing and enjoying that. I have done that. Just like the rest of us. But what if we were doing what is not only meaningful to us but also our expression in life? What if we not only like but also love what we do? So, with that wonder in my heart, I embarked on a journey to search for a new meaning for work. It has been hard to let go of my patterns, of what is thought to me to be considered as “work”, of my ego yearning to fit in, to be accepted and seen. And my journey has brought me to my current life (I am not going to say work. I believe my learned meaning of that word does not apply to my current occupation) where I thrive to contribute and create meaningful businesses. Where I am me and its perfectly fine to communicate that. Today, I do not work from 9-6, my work is my life, my words are my tool of expression and everyday holds another possibility. I do not wear a mask, try to fit in, try to make a meaning. Today I am me and I thrive to contribute to a world where I believe is not a utopia but a possibility.

And third wave is today, I believe, with my daughter leaving. My perception of parenthood was that she was going to be born, and I was going to love her like I have never done before, and we were (oh yes, again, hopeless romantic Pollyanna pops up here) going to live happily ever after. I remember uttering big words like “I will not send my daughter abroad before her higher education!” I wanted her to be next to me, to grow with me. May be because deep inside I knew that someday, she will build her own life, and I wanted to be with her as much as possible until then.  And if and when the time comes for her to create her own story, I hoped and somehow selfishly foreseen that she would create it not too far away from me, and we would be best friends forever.

First of all, with puberty you learn that, she doesn’t want you as her best friend! She wants to build her own tribe where she defines herself without the possibility of your judgments and your learned and thought patterns. These are the years you realize, she is not yours to claim. She has her own life and its perfectly normal. And one day, no matter how much we dread, we are going to be left alone with ourselves. We will need to claim the rights of our own life once again. Its time when one realizes that we can only envision a life for ourselves and wish and pray for our children’s path. We have no control on anyone’s journey but ours. And the earlier we realize that, the better it is. (again, only for our sake)

When they ask me how I feel, I have mixed feelings;

Mostly nostalgia these days, as the moment of departure is very near. I would have loved to hold her in my arms a little longer. However, they do not want to be held that much anymore – anyway. We have to learn to be present when needed and respect their own space. I have a yearning and nostalgia to live my story with her once again. I miss her babyhood, those days when her life revolved around me. I miss her baby eyes looking at me with wonder, silently asking “What shall we do mom now? How should we enjoy each other’s company?” I long for those days where she and I together was all we both needed and cared for. But then, what is nostalgia if not for not letting go of the past. Today, our new evolved perception of being knows that there is no time and no other reality that the present moment. Then nostalgia is not a tool to use but to observe as a part of this “human journey”.

I feel a little sad, for have chosen to play this game of parenthood in a conventional sense. It’s the biggest love and yet the biggest illusion we choose to live as humans.

In my country, for generations, people had kids yes for love, but more with the hope that they will be taken care for in their older ages. They feared loneliness because they have defined their tribe mostly with their families. And they demanded their attention in return, because they presumed it’s their rightful right – again as a result of learned patterns – and they expected them to keep them company if and when needed.

Today, I know that I am alone, though not lonely. I have a tribe who believes in the world that I believe in and is willing to contribute to that with me. I do not believe in nor desire to retire someday. I wish to create and contribute for the rest of my life. And I have no right to demand my daughter to fill the gaps in my life. She can only be my companion in life and we could only hope to look at each other beyond our patterns with empathy, understanding and love.  Today, although very hard, I try to sooth my sadness by witnessing life with a broader understanding. I might have chosen to play that parenthood game, but I also can define a new meaning for that in which she is not responsible for my loneliness. If that would be the case, it would only be my responsibility, not her duty to create a life that I feel fulfilled.

I feel excited for what future holds for her and wish that she would seize every moment of it. And yet again, I also know that she will be restless and will fall and rise in pursue of defining herself, searching for her voice in life. But my belief and hope for the so-called sacrifice I am making is that, she will get out of this middle eastern perception and acceptance of victim mind and create something that is unique and purposeful for herself. That she would surpass the defined cultural boxes and become a global citizen.  That she would be happy within her skin, activate her creative bone and make this journey called life worthwhile.

I feel fearful and yet excited for what life has to offer to me as well. At age 43 I am somewhat free (I am not going to use alone, again, because of my learned perception of that word). May be for first time in my life, I will be living and building a life for myself by myself. I do not have much experience about this, it is something yet to be explored. But I am grateful that at a young age I get this opportunity to reincarnate without dying – yet again – and embark to find a new definition of life which is very alien yet exciting and inspiring for me.

With this wonder, I have found a strength in me, of which I never knew that existed, for this decision we have made. Khalil Gibran’s poem is like a mantra to me, a light in my heart;

Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of

Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

I do hope that my courage to take a leap of faith in life and making those decisions to re-define the meanings of conventional, learned terms will have a contribution to our relationship, her perception to life and towards herself. I do hope all those I have lovingly communicated to her will serve as a tool for her when and if needed. I hope that we will and can create a relationship of companionship, of enjoying life not through but with each other. I do hope distance is a blessing in disguise and time is just an illusion.

She has been in me and will always be in me – but not necessarily have to be with me. She is a soul searching for meaning, for freedom just like me and I am here to hold her hand, to guide her, to support her, to love her. But her life will be hers, just like mine should have been mine.

We are going through an interesting passageway in the history of humanity. And I guess, just like you, I am getting my share of realizations of life. But may be because I have always been a little rebellious, I am choosing – or hoping to choose– to perceive these challenges as an opportunity. I am choosing to see them not as an obstacle on my way but as a learning for my growth. I am choosing to dive into the terms and find new meanings. I am simply saying “why not” to a different perception and trying to embrace it with grace, acceptance and love. I can’t fight change, nor postpone it. Life is happening in its own pace. However, I can choose to make the best out of it, and may be even, manifest it.

Goodbye my love… know that I am always here. Though you may not be mine to keep, I choose to be yours with an open heart whenever you need me. That is my choice, my love which has no burden on you. You are not responsible for the love I feel for you. I love you, I see the beauty in you. That is solely my choice and my joy.

I only ask you to love yourself regardless of what you wish to be but of what you are today. Love your so-called flaws because they are here to guide you into a bigger version of yourself. Take the challenge of facing your fears, your learned patterns (no matter how much I have tried, I am sure I have imposed upon you many patterns of mine, and I am truly sorry for those moments I fell into the human game and forgot the divine in me) and your limited perception of yourself. Let yourself be free, free of expectations from yourself and from me. Explore life and yourself with wonder and with awe.

And I thank you. Thank you for choosing me to accompany you in this virtual reality. Thank you for teaching me a form of love and acceptance that I might have never imagined. Thank you for your contribution to my growth. Thank you, baby, for simply being you.

And may you go with peace and stay with love. May the creation be gentle and loving to you by bringing beautiful people into your life so that when you fall, and in which you will, from time to time, you will land on a soft blanket of love and reincarnate from your ashes with grace – again and again.

I love you.


Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,

For they have their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,

which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them,

but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children

as living arrows are sent forth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,

and He bends you with His might

that His arrows may go swift and far.

Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;

For even as He loves the arrow that flies,

so He loves also the bow that is stable.

Khalil Gibran


We are anchored at a secluded bay in Karacasöğüt surrounded by silence and tranquility. The only evident sound is the sound of the nature; of the birds chirping and the swashing sound of the sea. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my body, I get up and take a plunge into the captivating blue of the sea. Once I dive in, suddenly I feel awakening in all the cells of my body. I feel alive and health, fully aware of my body moving delicately within the crisp coolness of the sea. I have this unexplainable calmness within my soul and gratefulness takes over me. As I climb up the stairs and lay under the sun once again, I dive into deep thoughts, gazing at the amazing sight that captivates my heart.

This particular thought has lingered within me the night before actually. Lying under the stars at night by the seaside, I was drawn away by the vastness of the universe and the amount of glittering stars that my eye could see within the darkness of the nature that surrounded me. This vastness made me feel so small but yet so significant and crucial for the whole creation.

The planet that we reside on is actually just one tiny part of the entire universe. Every living thing is designed with intricate and delicate details that connects and yet separates one from the other. Although we may seem such a minor detail within all this eternity, we are all unique and essential for this system.

I suddenly remembered, once again, a quote from the movie “Contact”;

Young Ellie has asked her dad staring at the sky; “Dad, do you think there are people on other planets?” And her dad replied “I don’t know, Sparks. But I guess I’d say if it is just us… seems like an awful waste of space.”

I find it as such a selfish thought to presume that this entire universe has been created just for the humans to live on this planet. We actually are just a detail within this eternity. But, although we may seem as these insignificant beings residing in this universe, on this earth, at this bay… for me, it still is more than enough to feel the creator and the creation of life within this single body.

This vista that I look at, at this moment in time, do actually summarize all the creation for me and in return I feel it all, I know it all from the core of my being. Whole creation’s reason and intention is being summarized within my body, finding a meaning within my soul; it’s the creator itself finding life within me. And with this awareness we could choose to perceive life from the perspective of the creator, from this essence within us. It is only possible then to see the beauty in all that is surrounding us. I know that I am one of those who are lucky enough to know what they truly are.

I am blessed to have this house located in this heavenly place in Turkey. When I am here, time pauses somehow and I find myself once again, start to hear that inner voice calmly whispering into my soul. Tomorrow we will be heading back to our daily routines, daily challenges of life, and I will carry this awareness and knowledge within me, shedding a light on my journey.

Student and the master

Being a student and the master, embodying these opposite yet complimentary traits in one single body… This is one of those subjects mentioned during our teacher training program and just now, today, I truly understand what was implied. Right now, there is no doubt within my soul of what that phrase is trying to verbalize… I am sure you all have those moments, where everything just simply makes sense and there is no more questioning left in your mind. You surrender to the knowledge, accepting it as the reality.
That is exactly what has happened to me right now. Now that I can reflect back and analyze my year… I can say that I have learned from you as much as I have thought you. “There is no selfless good deed.” This once was referred in a Friends episode. When you do something good and feel good as result of that, something in you shifts, and that change within you is your payback. There is no selfless giving if you feel that contentment, that feeling of fullness in return. And honestly, that is the best form of exchange one can have.
Since I have become a teacher, a brand new yoga teacher in action in fact, (It’s been 5 classes to be precise.) I have learned a lot about myself, about life. During those classes I have realized that those students were actually my teachers in life.
Its the same with all our soulfully connected interactions. We do not only give love but receive love in return which is so tangible that we can almost hold it physically in our arms. While doing so, we not only provide insight into their lives but also, receive information about our lives in doing so, somehow support and guide each other through life. At some moments our teachers becomes our students and at others, our students becomes our masters. The duality in life appears once again. There is no direct line; no short cuts but simply the reality of life existing in this duality. And believe it or not, take it for me…. There is peace, love, laughter, strength, maturity within that duality. These are the spaces, gaps in time that we grow, be a complete form of the self within all those dualities.
This year I woke up with this awareness in my bones… Knowing that this ego within me is an entity that I should make peace with. Be aware when it needs to be fed and be appreciative when that demand is fed by the universe and thus, find balance within me once again. There is no unnecessary action, emotion, attribute that we were born into and carry in this life… This provides the opportunity to be aware of ourselves as a whole and with a humble loving heart grow with that knowledge and evolve… Become a better version of our selves!


Opposite values

My days here pass within slow pace and harmony.
Yesterday we literally had honeymoon with my daughter; we had lunch together with couple of friends, and then head home for some housework, while she did her homework. I did my favorite house activity and hang the wet washed clothes on the drying rack at the back garden. Sunlight softly infiltrating down from the branches of the trees surrounding the garden. It’s a heavenly spot and just to be able to be there to hang those clothes is such a joy for me, and so, that’s what I have decided to do.
Then we sat by the table and dedicated an hour to handicraft, a form of meditation for our souls, quality time spent together in action and devotion to our work at hand.
When the bracelets were done and adored, we jumped on our bikes and head off to a 4,5km village track for biking, which ended up in 2 laps and 9km of nature watching, working out and playing. We enjoyed the time spent with such ease and joy that, it was a memorable ride for both of us.
In the meantime, I found myself telling her a story, an awareness that has dawned upon me at that exact moment. Actually, this conversation has been done years ago, with my sister, in Los Angeles at a hiking we have done in the forest. And here I was, years later telling the same story that was rising within me once again to my daughter this time; of nature and life.
While we were biking, she would face up to a challenge of a hill training that in the beginning used to be something she could hardly deliver, but now she bared with no fear. But then again, there came some routes that the ride was smooth and easy and she would built up her energy and enjoy the ride, getting ready for the next challenge to bear.
And I told her “Look darling, life is the same as this road we are riding on. In life, there are smooth rides, where the road is slightly down slope, and you don’t have to do much, but enjoy the ride. Life works in mysteries ways and the ride will not always be as easy. There will come times that you have to face up hills that will be challenging. They will be killing your leg muscles and you would feel so exhausted and tired that you just might want out, stop and not move an inch. Don’t ever give up because there will come a time that the downhill steep will be so deep that you might choose to let go. Just open your legs and arms and let the wind guide you, totally surrender in your heart to the rhythm of the world. ”
Also in life, there will be days that you will feel as if you are on a fantastic rollercoaster and your adreline will be so high. This highness will keep you alive, fresh and wondrous. Just like those hard times in life, there will be days that the feeling of freedom will capture you and awaken every muscle and bone, expand your heart.
Always keep in mind that, just like the nature with its hills and valleys, seasons, days and nights, yin and yang…. there will always be opposite values that complement each other in your life, in every aspect.
Life was built this way, to challenge us, to remind us that nature itself is a shift in between these opposite yet complimentary values. It makes this world we live in and being an human being on this world an exceptional journey.
The excitement is in the duality. The awareness of this duality and the expression of that in real life is a step into awakening. A step into surrendering to the ultimate truth of the reality, and floating through life.
That’s what life is intended to be. Shift your awareness and your life will change with you. Live your day to your fullest with all your heart!

Gokova, Turkey

Gokova, Turkey

It is never too late to become what you might have been

I know that I generally sound very happy and bubbly… But let me tell you a secret, this is not the case always. I have been lost many times and did question life like everyone. We all go through phases, this way or another. May be because I am at those ages, I am surrounded by people who are going through ups and downs in their lives under the most common term of “mid life crisis”. Some of these crises do happen to be a little severe and take a form as anxiety or panic attacks.

These are the ages that we question everything and realize that life is passing by rapidly. We start asking the right questions to ourselves; am I serving my purpose on this earth, is this really it? I did go through this phase and in the meantime, apparently, started having panic attacks. I, a person who choose to see the beauty in everything was going into such darkness, into unknown territories that at first I didn’t know how to deal with the physical reactions that my body was going through. My first impulse was to think that there was something physically wrong with me. Everyday my mind would find a new form of sicknesses to attach to. When the doctors confirmed me that there was physically nothing wrong with me and the symptoms were rather emotional, I woke up to the reality. Only I was capable of helping myself. The things missing in my life were missing because I was trying to fill them with something outside of myself, but now I know that all the answers were inside of me waiting to be discovered.

I have consulted help and the first solution was medication. But, the next question was, if I did numb my feelings and emotions with medication, how was I going to address the issues and heal them accordingly. At that point, I listened to my inner voice and chose not to take any medication but decided to go to a physiatrist. But, honestly, in time I figured out that, what really helped me through that process was writing. Writing was my tool that brought me back to the present moment. At those times, I became an observer of my emotions and the physical reactions my body was giving to the emotions I was going through. Rather than being swept away by them, I started to analyze these mood swings… I realized that when the attacks came over, writing kept me in the now and anxieties slowly vanished thereafter.

Since she was a baby and whenever my daughter tried something new that failed, she would be so mad and disappointed, and we would always tell her that the road to success was through practice. Everything flourishes with practice, becomes your reality in time. I have always chosen happiness, voluntarily chosen to be positive in life… And by practice, one day you realize that you are not thinking positive anymore, you just became one. With this reality that I have experienced, I choose to get up and face the challenge. If I was not going to face my fears and tackle them, they would be ruling the rest of my life… I chose to be the best version of me, started working on me; my boundaries and my fears. I must accept, it was the most challenging road, but not as challenging as choosing to keep your eyes and heart closed which could lead to a lifetime of unhappiness… Instead I took the challenge to remember who I was, to cast aside my fears and see what was left of “me”… Face the real me and once again love and accept that being who chose to come on this earth. I started my practices again, the more I practiced love and patience and happiness … The more they became my reality once again.

Why am I telling you all these? I am just hoping that my experiences might shed a light into even one single life and that day, if they are going through a similar situation, that soul might see a way out. That you are not alone and only you can help yourself. Dive into yourself, find yourself, accept, love and cherish it! And when you come back, built your own reality, listen to your heart and let it guide you… There is this phrase which I truly find inspiring; it’s never too late to become what you might have been. Bring your truth into life, it’s never too late. Let your soul experience the reality it was intended to be. And when you find this reality, cherish that feeling, nurture it…

This is life and the future is unknown, find your happiness in the present moment and let the future unfold itself with belief in your heart. In time of need let this feeling of lightness and gratefulness be your life saver, your guide back into light, the path back into yourself, love yourself as you are love itself.

And today, I am on this earth one step closer to who I am, listening to my inner voice and let it guide my journey with love. I don’t know what the future holds for me and I do not want to know. I believe in the creation and that whatever the future brings will be for my growth and wellbeing.

Ayvad Bendi, Istanbul

Ayvad Bendi, Istanbul

RIP Robin Williams

Today I woke up to the news that Robin Williams was dead. Lately, my soul has been questioning life, rather how short life is and that death is inevitable. May be that is because I became 40 and that although I am full of life and love life… there is a deadline and that no matter what you do as years pass by you are approaching to the deadline whether you like it or not. I know, deep down I know that life is never over and we will be united with the loved ones once we move from this reality and that we are never separate, we are a part of the ONE and there is no end. But still, I love living, being a human being, my family, my friends, doing my physical exercises, my books, growing in life, breathing in life. And when I feel down a little or tired, that’s when the questioning takes over me and I feel somehow lost or stuck.

Lately I have realized that not only those actors that I used to admire in old movies have been leaving us but those inspirational people who have touched me through my lifetime, that I grew up with have started to leave us. And facing this reality leaves me with sorrow. When I was young, death was a far away concept, something that I had the luxury of not to think about… and now, although it’s still not that close, it became a daily concept. And Robin Williams, a being that has touched my soul with every character he played, who portrayed the main human qualities in every character he embodied, never loosing the vulnerability and sensitivity of humanity has passed away. His characters made me laugh while still providing me some thought to linger on and leaving me with a heartfelt smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

Mork and Mindy, this is where my journey with you has started when I was around 8 years old. This funny man sleeping upside down, making the weirdest sounds and funniest face gestures… apparently he is from outer space but still the sweetest extra terrestrial being I have ever watched in my life. Your character in “Dead Poets Society” as a powerful, inspiring teacher has not only been an inspiration for those students but also for my generation. That was the day “Carpe Diem” was engraved into my system. “Good Will Hunting” was the movie you were so humble and strong within your humanity. In “Bird Cage”, you went beyond your limits and created a character that was extreme, unique but yet very real. For me, your voice in the animated movies made the characters alive, bursting with life. Especially in “Aladdin”, the genie has never been portrayed this funny, this lively, and this wise. “Good Morning Vietnam”, no words are enough for that performance… your soul spoke to us, showed us that being happy and hopeful, no matter what your circumstances are, is optional and not easy to choose, and once chosen you will inspire everything around you. And one of my favorites, “What Dreams May Come”… that was the peak of sensitivity and life all wrapped up in a wonderful cinematography. Perfect combination of acting, plot and the dancing color. Pure form of art in every aspect.

During our years together, me watching and growing with your artwork… there were times you were lost, I have felt them through your movies. You have carried on projects that were below your capacity but still with dignity and brought those characters into life with utmost concentration and perfection. And that’s how I knew how exceptional you were; still honoring your work even in the time you felt lost. How can a man who brought light and hope and joy to many have chosen to take his own life? If you asked this question to me 5 years ago, I might have made harsh statements, but today, there is only one truth I know… everything in this world is designed for humans and anything is possible. We do get lost sometimes no matter how strong we may feel or seem at times. Although not so easy, there are two options at those times; either we find hope in our heart and if possible find a way to quiet down that thing called “mind” and dive into our heart and find that “hope”, that essential element of life to keep going, believing, living. Depression and psychological illnesses can happen to anyone. No matter how strong or positive you are in life, in a moment of weakness your mind uses that opportunity to capture your body and throw your fears and anxieties as if they are your reality. Sometimes these attacks are so severe that I would understand if one cannot see the light through and choose the second alternative and … leave.

Robin Williams has left us which leaves us with a great loss of an exceptional artist and a human being. Rest in peace.

40 years on this earth

Today I am 40! It’s been 40 years that I have been on this journey, in this lifetime, within this body, with the family that I believe I have chosen, surrounded with amazing souls. Although life does have its ups and downs from time to time, I feel pride in saying that I wouldn’t have wished to be in any other place, be in any other condition than being “me” today! I am 40 and everyday when I wake up, no matter what I have been through the day before, I choose to wake up with a smile on my face, feeling grateful for what has been offered to me in this lifetime.

Yes, ok, I am a woman and a human being… sometimes I do wish to be a little taller or a little thinner, but ever so grateful that I have a healthy body and am able to commit to new goals in my life, like running a half marathon or completing my yoga teacher training certificate.

I know my limitations and I respect them. I cherish them and let them guide me in my journey. I am as young as I will ever be, at an age that things could not be delayed but perceived, lived fully. Instead of my downsides, I am focusing on my assets, those gifts that were bestowed upon me.

I have more courage to face the biggest demons in my life, my fears that have been holding me down over the years. I choose to see every challenge as an opportunity to become a better version of me. I choose not to be a victim of life or a football of other people’s opinions. Instead of changing the situations that are challenging me, I now focus on myself and change my perception of them. Now I know that I only have control over me.

And the dreams… those dreams that were so far away when I was young, have slowly started to become my reality. This little writer within me is eagerly pushing my ego and my need for appreciation, and slowly but surely rewriting my path. Today, I have the courage to change my path if it doesn’t serve my purpose, my soul. This lifeline is my gift and I am aware that today is the only place that happiness can be… that, “I” can be.

I choose to tell the loved ones what they mean to me every day. Words are my gifts and I try to choose them wisely and delicately… as much as the opportunity presents, I choose to praise life, and the ones around me.

I am a happy soul and grateful everyday for what life has offered me. Most of all, that it has provided me with the sight that perceived the beauty in everything that’s surrounding me. Today, I am a lucky being who has lived on this planet for 40 years and I am more excited for the next “minimum” 40 to come. I know… from the bottom of my heart, I know that it’s going to be exceptional. And today, I thank you all who has touched me, inspired me, thought me, challenged me but in some form guided me in my journey… I honor you all!