We are anchored at a secluded bay in Karacasöğüt surrounded by silence and tranquility. The only evident sound is the sound of the nature; of the birds chirping and the swashing sound of the sea. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my body, I get up and take a plunge into the captivating blue of the sea. Once I dive in, suddenly I feel awakening in all the cells of my body. I feel alive and health, fully aware of my body moving delicately within the crisp coolness of the sea. I have this unexplainable calmness within my soul and gratefulness takes over me. As I climb up the stairs and lay under the sun once again, I dive into deep thoughts, gazing at the amazing sight that captivates my heart.

This particular thought has lingered within me the night before actually. Lying under the stars at night by the seaside, I was drawn away by the vastness of the universe and the amount of glittering stars that my eye could see within the darkness of the nature that surrounded me. This vastness made me feel so small but yet so significant and crucial for the whole creation.

The planet that we reside on is actually just one tiny part of the entire universe. Every living thing is designed with intricate and delicate details that connects and yet separates one from the other. Although we may seem such a minor detail within all this eternity, we are all unique and essential for this system.

I suddenly remembered, once again, a quote from the movie “Contact”;

Young Ellie has asked her dad staring at the sky; “Dad, do you think there are people on other planets?” And her dad replied “I don’t know, Sparks. But I guess I’d say if it is just us… seems like an awful waste of space.”

I find it as such a selfish thought to presume that this entire universe has been created just for the humans to live on this planet. We actually are just a detail within this eternity. But, although we may seem as these insignificant beings residing in this universe, on this earth, at this bay… for me, it still is more than enough to feel the creator and the creation of life within this single body.

This vista that I look at, at this moment in time, do actually summarize all the creation for me and in return I feel it all, I know it all from the core of my being. Whole creation’s reason and intention is being summarized within my body, finding a meaning within my soul; it’s the creator itself finding life within me. And with this awareness we could choose to perceive life from the perspective of the creator, from this essence within us. It is only possible then to see the beauty in all that is surrounding us. I know that I am one of those who are lucky enough to know what they truly are.

I am blessed to have this house located in this heavenly place in Turkey. When I am here, time pauses somehow and I find myself once again, start to hear that inner voice calmly whispering into my soul. Tomorrow we will be heading back to our daily routines, daily challenges of life, and I will carry this awareness and knowledge within me, shedding a light on my journey.