May we meet again

“May we meet again”

I have come across this phrase in a movie the other day and my heart just hung up on it. Somehow, it was the best way to say farewell to a loved one. It has an acceptance of what has been and the knowing of what is; that we are infinite and that even though we may be separated one day, there will be a time that we will be reunited. There is this belief to the system and surrender to the unknown. It embodies this desire, this hope that our paths will cross one day again. The contentment of such reencounter in this lifeline brings a promise that we may find each other once again. There is a soulful connection, a knowing of one another, seeing the divinity as well as the humanity within and respecting both of them respectively.
I am sure we all have departed with a loved one, this way or another, the nature of our communication, connection have been altered. Either they have passed away or they have willingly or unwillingly left our lives. Either, life had different plans for us and we had to follow our own paths, or, their time on this universe has come to an end and we were forced to depart from that loved one. In either case, we were challenged to continue a life apart from them, carry that missing part they have left, for the rest of our lives. During those times, this “knowing” makes the cycle of life bearable, understandable for me. This belief I have at the core of my being that we are a part of the divine, that we are ONE and in reality we are never separated, is what makes this journey worthwhile. Every goodbye is not a farewell actually, it is a promise made … until we meet again.
We all find ways to cope up with our losses, with life itself. And mine is with belief, it is like a never ending hope within me. Belief supports that hope from every angle and becomes the light in my journey, shedding sunshine on my path in my dark / lost times. My only prayer is that, may that light keep on burning for my days to come, may I be able to expand that light to the others and hopefully help them, guide them to glide through life with lightness, grace, sincerity and happiness. May I live a life that inspires the ones around me; inspire them to the path to find their own reality. Big words they are, I know. But, these are my daily prayers in life as if I have made that promise to myself once, long ago… may we meet again… and each lifeline has been a journey to meet myself once again, a journey to find that truth within me. It’s not the questioning mind; it’s the insightful feeling that simply knows… And my payer for the years to come is that may we be clear away from our mind to see the simple reality of ourselves… that we are nothing but love and expand that love to the ones around us.
This is a video that was taped in Istanbul, Turkey somehow representing that “trust” I was referring to, that hope I have for the world I believe in. A lovely soul presenting a challenge. And what is amazing is that, there are many who are willingly giving that huge, loving hug! And that is the hope I am talking about… We are all ready for that big sincere hug once open heartedly presented.
I thank you all for your being in my world. When I look at my profile in face book every day, I see those smiling eyes staring back at me, with sincerity from their hearts… and that is my reality! I am surrounded by beauty 🙂
May we meet again in this year to come and may you keep on painting my life with the vibrant rainbow like colors of your souls.