Joint Idea

6 months a go, when my path has crossed with Joint Idea, the first feeling it evoked inside of me was the sense of safety, it felt like home. I have been looking for a home, for myself, for some time now. Surrounded with loving eyes, souls who are somehow searching for their answers like me. 

I have dreamed of that home for some time a go, 13 years ago actually. In one of my meditations in Art of Living Ashram in India, I have found myself yet in an other ashram. A home for those who are yearning, constantly searching and trying to find a meaning in life. A home for us. And since then I have been waiting, hoping to make that dream come true. To unite with those who are on the path for truth, who are open, who are seeking for their true self. When you are awake, slightly awake, you have no other path left but to take that challenge to hear your own voice, find that trust, find your mission and start to embark on that journey, chasing your passion. I believe, only then we can be happy and only then we can may be, hopefully, change the world. 

And when I am in Joint Idea, I know that I am on the right path. I spend my days with those who somehow see me, feel me… and that is a wonderful way to start your day. 

The first day I came in through that door, I saw this writing on the wall, silently whispering like a mantra “life works club”. It spoke to me, but then, I didn’t understand the depth of those words. Because words are powerful when supported with a deep belief at the core of it. It becomes believable then, and may be, although it might seem like a dreamy mission…. they might also manifest an other reality once believed and lived by many. 

And in this house, those who believe in their intuition, who are searching for a better life, a community are gathering around. 

Do not work for living your life, do your life’s work for a living. Create, communicate your own voice, follow your truth and lets build a life which is happier, content, fulfilling with our collaborative inputs, ideas, projects. Our imprint in life is the most crucial thing! Live yourself truly because you are writing your own legacy every day, make it meaningful! Make it beautiful, make it inspirational, make it graceful and build it with love and trust. 

You wanna save the world? First save yourself. Find happiness in all you do, see love in all you touch and create from that source. I believe, then, the world will change on its own. We don’t have to do much. Everything in life is connected to one an other. You are the most important part of the system, wake up, challenge yourself to look into your naked soul in the mirror, accept what you see and then change it to what you were meant to be. Once you start to change, then you can change the world. Take the challenge. Dive into the unknown and hear. May be it is not that scary after all, may be life is waiting for you to let go off the struggle and make peace with its system. May be, just like us, life also wants to be seen and loved and accepted as it is. Then … oh then, may be if you just act from that sincere true source, may be then life starts to pay it forward to you… 

I think its worth a try, don’t you…

It is never too late to become what you might have been

I know that I generally sound very happy and bubbly… But let me tell you a secret, this is not the case always. I have been lost many times and did question life like everyone. We all go through phases, this way or another. May be because I am at those ages, I am surrounded by people who are going through ups and downs in their lives under the most common term of “mid life crisis”. Some of these crises do happen to be a little severe and take a form as anxiety or panic attacks.

These are the ages that we question everything and realize that life is passing by rapidly. We start asking the right questions to ourselves; am I serving my purpose on this earth, is this really it? I did go through this phase and in the meantime, apparently, started having panic attacks. I, a person who choose to see the beauty in everything was going into such darkness, into unknown territories that at first I didn’t know how to deal with the physical reactions that my body was going through. My first impulse was to think that there was something physically wrong with me. Everyday my mind would find a new form of sicknesses to attach to. When the doctors confirmed me that there was physically nothing wrong with me and the symptoms were rather emotional, I woke up to the reality. Only I was capable of helping myself. The things missing in my life were missing because I was trying to fill them with something outside of myself, but now I know that all the answers were inside of me waiting to be discovered.

I have consulted help and the first solution was medication. But, the next question was, if I did numb my feelings and emotions with medication, how was I going to address the issues and heal them accordingly. At that point, I listened to my inner voice and chose not to take any medication but decided to go to a physiatrist. But, honestly, in time I figured out that, what really helped me through that process was writing. Writing was my tool that brought me back to the present moment. At those times, I became an observer of my emotions and the physical reactions my body was giving to the emotions I was going through. Rather than being swept away by them, I started to analyze these mood swings… I realized that when the attacks came over, writing kept me in the now and anxieties slowly vanished thereafter.

Since she was a baby and whenever my daughter tried something new that failed, she would be so mad and disappointed, and we would always tell her that the road to success was through practice. Everything flourishes with practice, becomes your reality in time. I have always chosen happiness, voluntarily chosen to be positive in life… And by practice, one day you realize that you are not thinking positive anymore, you just became one. With this reality that I have experienced, I choose to get up and face the challenge. If I was not going to face my fears and tackle them, they would be ruling the rest of my life… I chose to be the best version of me, started working on me; my boundaries and my fears. I must accept, it was the most challenging road, but not as challenging as choosing to keep your eyes and heart closed which could lead to a lifetime of unhappiness… Instead I took the challenge to remember who I was, to cast aside my fears and see what was left of “me”… Face the real me and once again love and accept that being who chose to come on this earth. I started my practices again, the more I practiced love and patience and happiness … The more they became my reality once again.

Why am I telling you all these? I am just hoping that my experiences might shed a light into even one single life and that day, if they are going through a similar situation, that soul might see a way out. That you are not alone and only you can help yourself. Dive into yourself, find yourself, accept, love and cherish it! And when you come back, built your own reality, listen to your heart and let it guide you… There is this phrase which I truly find inspiring; it’s never too late to become what you might have been. Bring your truth into life, it’s never too late. Let your soul experience the reality it was intended to be. And when you find this reality, cherish that feeling, nurture it…

This is life and the future is unknown, find your happiness in the present moment and let the future unfold itself with belief in your heart. In time of need let this feeling of lightness and gratefulness be your life saver, your guide back into light, the path back into yourself, love yourself as you are love itself.

And today, I am on this earth one step closer to who I am, listening to my inner voice and let it guide my journey with love. I don’t know what the future holds for me and I do not want to know. I believe in the creation and that whatever the future brings will be for my growth and wellbeing.

Ayvad Bendi, Istanbul

Ayvad Bendi, Istanbul


Believe… Believe in anything but have a belief in this life. Mostly believe that whatever is happening in your life is your doing, you are in the situation that you have initially intended to be. For your growth those people, events, situations are happening. Open your eyes and see it. Change your perception, not the situation, in my humble decision, that is the key to growth. You can only change yourself. With this belief in your heart, surrender to life, come what may… Know that, it is all happening for your sake. Surrender and learn and change and move gracefully through life with this lightness in your heart. Know that you are being protected and loved. That is why life is there… to challenge you, to push you into a better version of yourself. Act from your heart with honesty; do not fall into the traps or the expectations of your mind. Free yourself from your boundaries because you are free in the core, your soul is free and happy… Feel it and act from that place. Love yourself regardless of the limitations that you were born into… Shine as you were intended to be….

Yalıkavak, Bodrum, Turkey

Yalıkavak, Bodrum, Turkey