Next phase of my life

I know that sometimes it may feel like I am exaggerating the amount of conversations that I have regarding the concepts of awakening, yoga, and being aware. Sometimes, I get so lost in the feeling of love that it becomes my only reality, so tangible that there is nothing I can do but share it from the bottom of my heart. That reality surrounds every corner of my body and thus I become overly passionate about it. And I know that sometimes, for some people, especially for those who are very close to me, it becomes unbearable and excessive. As I understand their point of view, I am doing everything within my power to neutralize this fire within me to keep my relationships safe and sound with them.

But I also want you to know that this is my reality and there is nothing I can do but fulfill it. If otherwise, I would be sacrificing from experiencing my true sense. This state, this mind set is where I feel totally free, where I am totally ME. This feeling is what I live for. And in turn, if I could touch and/or inspire even only one single soul, I know that they will pay it forward. One good deed, one selfless action, one heart to heart connection will pay itself forward and this will cause a ripple effect. I will not only be touching that one single individual but also to those many others whom they also touch in return.

You see… I believe in that one single starfish swept by the sea to the shore. That one single life I might touch, even for a second, is more than enough for me. So, yes, although it may annoy you from time to time, the possibility that someone might hear what I have to offer at that moment in time is exactly what I live for. As long as that possibility exists and is a valid reality to me… I will keep on my journey on this path. Who knows may be I might be able to shed a light on your day one day too.

And this is why, today, I am considering continuing my yoga education, planning to attend the next 300 hours of teachers training course I have taken. I choose to live life fully and listen to that tiny voice rising from within my core, from my soul. And I am so looking forward to this next chapter of my journey.

Today, this is my reality and I tend to seize it. What I might choose to do with all this, weather I really will be a teacher in the future someday is something that I will know when I know it. Not before, not after. So, today, I choose to see it through and listen to my heart like there is no tomorrow. Because, as far as I know, NOW is all that we have, we should seize it fully!

And to my loved ones, I know that I could be quite handful sometimes but know that I love you and I am ever so grateful for your support and understanding of this path that I have chosen. Thank you ­čÖé