RIP Robin Williams

Today I woke up to the news that Robin Williams was dead. Lately, my soul has been questioning life, rather how short life is and that death is inevitable. May be that is because I became 40 and that although I am full of life and love life… there is a deadline and that no matter what you do as years pass by you are approaching to the deadline whether you like it or not. I know, deep down I know that life is never over and we will be united with the loved ones once we move from this reality and that we are never separate, we are a part of the ONE and there is no end. But still, I love living, being a human being, my family, my friends, doing my physical exercises, my books, growing in life, breathing in life. And when I feel down a little or tired, that’s when the questioning takes over me and I feel somehow lost or stuck.

Lately I have realized that not only those actors that I used to admire in old movies have been leaving us but those inspirational people who have touched me through my lifetime, that I grew up with have started to leave us. And facing this reality leaves me with sorrow. When I was young, death was a far away concept, something that I had the luxury of not to think about… and now, although it’s still not that close, it became a daily concept. And Robin Williams, a being that has touched my soul with every character he played, who portrayed the main human qualities in every character he embodied, never loosing the vulnerability and sensitivity of humanity has passed away. His characters made me laugh while still providing me some thought to linger on and leaving me with a heartfelt smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

Mork and Mindy, this is where my journey with you has started when I was around 8 years old. This funny man sleeping upside down, making the weirdest sounds and funniest face gestures… apparently he is from outer space but still the sweetest extra terrestrial being I have ever watched in my life. Your character in “Dead Poets Society” as a powerful, inspiring teacher has not only been an inspiration for those students but also for my generation. That was the day “Carpe Diem” was engraved into my system. “Good Will Hunting” was the movie you were so humble and strong within your humanity. In “Bird Cage”, you went beyond your limits and created a character that was extreme, unique but yet very real. For me, your voice in the animated movies made the characters alive, bursting with life. Especially in “Aladdin”, the genie has never been portrayed this funny, this lively, and this wise. “Good Morning Vietnam”, no words are enough for that performance… your soul spoke to us, showed us that being happy and hopeful, no matter what your circumstances are, is optional and not easy to choose, and once chosen you will inspire everything around you. And one of my favorites, “What Dreams May Come”… that was the peak of sensitivity and life all wrapped up in a wonderful cinematography. Perfect combination of acting, plot and the dancing color. Pure form of art in every aspect.

During our years together, me watching and growing with your artwork… there were times you were lost, I have felt them through your movies. You have carried on projects that were below your capacity but still with dignity and brought those characters into life with utmost concentration and perfection. And that’s how I knew how exceptional you were; still honoring your work even in the time you felt lost. How can a man who brought light and hope and joy to many have chosen to take his own life? If you asked this question to me 5 years ago, I might have made harsh statements, but today, there is only one truth I know… everything in this world is designed for humans and anything is possible. We do get lost sometimes no matter how strong we may feel or seem at times. Although not so easy, there are two options at those times; either we find hope in our heart and if possible find a way to quiet down that thing called “mind” and dive into our heart and find that “hope”, that essential element of life to keep going, believing, living. Depression and psychological illnesses can happen to anyone. No matter how strong or positive you are in life, in a moment of weakness your mind uses that opportunity to capture your body and throw your fears and anxieties as if they are your reality. Sometimes these attacks are so severe that I would understand if one cannot see the light through and choose the second alternative and … leave.

Robin Williams has left us which leaves us with a great loss of an exceptional artist and a human being. Rest in peace.